Arsenal’s Fine System Revealed

A fan revealed a list that contains disciplinary fines for the Arsenal players after infiltrating Arsenal’s Hertfordshire training base. According to the severity of the deed committed fine amount ranges from £100 to £1000. May be Arsenal are looking for some extra cash to fund a transfer move. Wink

The fines, revealed in a photograph of a list published online, include:

Non-attendance of unused players at home matches without permission of manager – £1,000.

Being late for training – £250 (15 minutes), £500 (30 minutes).

Being late for match day meetings/meals – £250.

Wearing inappropriate clothing outside the dressing room – £100.

Newspapers in dressing room – £100.

Non-production of urine sample for two consecutive weeks – £200

Phone calls in the building (texting allowed) – £500.

Arsenal Fine List
Arsenal Fine List

Also some news papers reported that Wenger appointed giant defender Mertesacker to collect the fines from his team mates for any breaches of rules. Arsenal are known for being super protective of the secrets of their training. So this infiltration act must have angered Wenger.

An Arsenal spokesman responded to this,

“The pictures are genuine. We understand that they were taken by a friend of a member of staff during a private visit to the training ground.

“The manager was made aware of the pictures being published, and we are very disappointed. We will review our procedures.”

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