Arsenal vs Chelsea Star: Who Is Likely To Have A Better Season In Midfield?

Cesc vs. Aaron: Stats Comparison of last season

It’s the former Arsenal hero and the current Arsenal heartthrob we are looking at when we talk about Chelsea’s Cesc Fabregas and Aaron Ramsey. Both are crucial to their clubs and have very different styles of playing, but have similar influence in the team’s game. Fabregas, who was once the captain and the hero for the Gunners, now plies his trade for London rivals Chelsea and has continued from where he left in the Premier League as he has already notched up 4 assists in three games. Ramsey has also continued from where he ended last season, with 2 goals in three games.

Cesc Fabregas 2013-14 Offensive Contribution stats- La Liga

Apps: 29(7)

Goals: 8

Assists: 13

Shots: 1.4

Key Passes: 1.6

Aaron Ramsey 2013-14 Offensive Contribution stats- EPL

Apps: 20(3)

Goals: 10

Assists: 7

Shots: 2.2

Key Passes: 1.4

Both these players have very impressive stats from last season. While Aaron Ramsey was the main star for Arsenal with his telling contributions from midfield, Cesc Fabregas, despite the stats, had a rather underwhelming season in Barcelona last year. Both play in central midfield, but Ramsey is the box to box type of midfielder while Fabregas is a traditional playmaker. Seemingly so, Cesc Fabregas struggled in Barcelona as they already had two of the world’s best playmakers in Xavi and Iniesta which meant he had to play way out of position and had no freedom to control the game. He had to play the way Iniesta and Xavi dictated.

In Arsenal, after regular average seasons, Ramsey finally realized his potential in a breakthrough season last year as Arsenal finally broke the trophy drought. Ramsey and Fabregas, both meant for the Premier League are very hard to compare based on offensive stats. Ramsey has slightly better stats individually but Fabregas also used to boast of ridiculously good stats at Arsenal, which he has started to emulate with the Blues this season with 4 assists in 3 matches.

Passing Stats

Cesc Fabregas

Pass %: 87

Accurate Crosses/Match: 0.1

Accurate Long balls/Match: 3.7

Accurate Through balls/Match: 0.7

Aaron Ramsey

Pass %: 84.4

Accurate Crosses/Match:  —

Accurate Long balls/Match: 3.3

Accurate Through balls/Match: 0.4

Cesc Fabregas played in a team which liked to keep possession, and it was their main priority. Passing was something that was, and is still a key element in Barcelona’s tactics, which is why Cesc Fabregas has naturally high passing success, especially as he was forced to play the safe passing game he wasn’t used to at Arsenal, where he notched passing success rates around the 80 percent mark. Fabregas in Chelsea has already started to show what he used to do at Arsenal with his defence splitting passes and unbelievable vision.

Ramsey’s passing isn’t too bad either! His box to box nature means he isn’t too much of a playmaker, but he loves popping up in crucial attacking positions and involves himself in crucial link up plays with the main playmakers Ozil and Cazorla. He doesn’t have those defense splitting passes or the vision that Fabregas boasts of, but he has more energy to involve in a shorter passing game in offensive areas and provide assists by linking up.

Comparison of the defensive contribution of both the players would be irrelevant as Ramsey does what a runner does, tackle and close down opponents while Fabregas does what a playmaker does, maintain a deeper position to run the play. Both have been well appreciated for their defensive contribution. Even Fabregas, who doesn’t have the engine of Ramsey, has been employed in Mourinho’s midfield, meaning he is a good contributor in defence as well.

So, who is going to have a better season?

Well, both are likely to have excellent seasons but in comparison, Fabregas would have a better season. The Spaniard is surrounded by an embarrassment of riches in midfield and offence in Chelsea as there is immense quality in the team. When surrounded by better strikers, better goal scoring midfielders and better defenders, a playmaker can do his job at the best possible level.

Ramsey, no doubt would be a star performer for the Gunners, but is overworked in the centre of the midfield. He needs a partner who can lift the pressure of defending. Ramsey is box-to-box, no doubt, but his partner (generally Arteta or Flamini) will not be that top destroyer who’d stop whoever who tries to pass through the midfield. Ramsey also has his own fitness worries, and Arsenal, a team without the depth of Chelsea, are likely to be outside contenders instead of the front runners, meaning he is likely to end up second best to Fabregas.

The Verdict: Cesc Fabregas






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