Arsenal Vs Bayern Munich: 5 Things We Learned The Hard Way


Arsenal 1-3 Bayern Munich. Yes, the same mediocrity, the same result just on a different day. Supporting Arsenal is becoming harder and harder with each passing game and with each passing year. 7, now undoubtedly 8 years without any piece of silverware and it’s not the trophies alone that have dried up, but the beautiful football that was played 5 to 6 years ago has totally vanished.

From counter attacking, high tempo passing game play, Arsenal are now playing a slow back passing game with useless possession game play. Last night was another example to prove the standards of the current line-up that Wenger claims as world class. Arsenal were outclassed, out played and literally humiliated at their own back ground. Even Arsenal fans were not expecting a big result last night but that performance is never an acceptable one.

So let’s talk about the 5 things we learned from the defeat to Munich.

1) First and foremost after seeing the game, even the most deluded Arsene Wenger supporter would have started to have a second thought about his/her favorite manager.  8 years of mediocrity and still fans hold him in such high standards, but what for? The mistakes keep repeating every season and by the end of February Arsenal are almost out of every competition in the last couple of season. So what’s the real use of buying the costliest season tickets across England?

2) I have seen this question asked by a few – Arsene Wenger put out the side and it is his player’s responsibility to perform and Wenger has nothing to do it.

This is my reply – Yes Arsene Wenger has no part to do with the outcome of the game once the players are on the pitch, but who brought all these players to Arsenal, who trains them week in week out? And finally what happened to his tactical intuitions and substitution policies? When he benches Giroud and plays Ramsey alongside Arteta, the sensible thing to do is to push Podolski up-front and play Walcott and Cazorla on the wings.

To use Theo as a striker against a team who have not conceded a single goal this year is a more than mistake, it’s a blunder. And in the second half just when Podolski was starting to find his feet and scored a goal he was taken off and replaced by Giroud. Though the Frenchman is not a bad replacement, he could have come in place of Ramsey and Rosicky could have replaced Arteta to give Arsenal a whole new look. Instead Wenger opted for the usual substitutions and everything was way too predictable.

3) Around 90% of the players on the pitch looked like they didn’t particularly care about winning. Obviously they did care and it’s ridiculous to suggest otherwise, but it was only Jack Wilshere who gave his 100% and he was the perfect example of a player who really cares about his club.

This Arsenal team need a serious squad overhaul. The harsh reality is that half of their starting 11 are players who are not eligible to play for a side challenging for titles. Imagine United or City allowing players like Ramsey and Szczesny to start so many games. You can argue all day about potential ability and how they have performed well for short periods, but in terms of consistency over a season they are simply not good enough.

4) Going into the match, Arsenal were termed as the Underdogs and rightly so. But the fact that people have started to see the Gunners as a mediocre club is the bitter reality. From beating Barcelona 2-1 just 2 years ago to hoping for a minimal deficit loss? The team has been steadily decreasing in their desire to win and the club is surely going in the wrong direction.

5) And finally for all you optimistic Gooners out there – accept it, the Champions league dream is over. Arsenal did score 5 goals against Inter Milan back in 2003 at a similar situation but that team had character and a certain Thierry Henry. The current bunch of players have none such quality and 3 goals at the Allianz Arena? It’s more than a dream.


Written by Dinesh V

Co-founder of Soccersouls. Living a start-up life 24/7
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