Arsenal Transfer Targets: 2 Players They Should Not Sign This Summer

Just as because Arsenal management have declared that they want to flex their financial muscles this season, the media have linked them to a number of players, not taking into consideration whether the club need them or not. While some of the rumours like a Higuain or a Jovetic definitely have some value in it, some others have no base in them and most importantly the team would not be enriched a bit if these players are suddenly thrown into the fray. Here we talk about two such rumours which have been publicized by the media in recent times, but players whom the Arsenal management should not even think of including in the team.

Wayne Rooney

The Manchester United forward apparently wants to move away from the club and if he arrives at London as Tony Adams quoted, he would find it difficult. As disheartening as it may sound to some fans, Wenger do not need a player like him at this point and he would only be a burden to the team. Arsenal definitely need a quality striker this season, but Rooney is far from what the answer is. The player who Arsenal should go for is Gonzalo Higuain, a world class striker with a proven record behind him. Rooney was undoubtedly one of the most premier forwards in Europe a year back, but now after witnessing his performances over the 12/13 season, he is just a pale shadow of his former self.

To add to the woes, his wage demands are ridiculous and Wenger would never spend £225k on a single player (when their highest earners Lukas Podolski and Theo Walcott are still earning just over a £100k a week). Some fans may argue that it would be the best way to get back at their United counterparts, but then Rooney is no RVP and it would be extremely hard for him to overcome all the brickbats that RVP had to encounter.

Cesc Fabregas

Yes, Fabregas, but hear me out! No one will dare to disagree that Fabregas is one of the most adored sons of Arsenal, but taking him back now would be a step backwards. It would symbolise that the team has not moved on and they still look to their past to find answers for their way forward. Or I can put it like this, Arsenal don’t need another player in Fabregas’ position and their immediate priority should be a defensive midfielder. (Although an Arsenal fan telling he doesn’t want to see Fabregas back at Emirates is just crazy!)

Fabregas has moreover been affected by a couple of hamstring injuries in La Liga with which he has already suffered in the past and a return to the Premier League after playing sporadically in the past couple of seasons, Cesc could find it difficult to recreate the magic that he once did.

Arsenal have never really failed to create chances, its the finishing that has been woeful and if they manage to get Higuain, their primary focus should be on landing a defensive midfielder who would ease off some pressure on the shoulders of Wilshere and Arteta. Playing ahead of a midfield enforcer, the likes of Wilshere and Cazorla would have more freedom to try and find those acute passes in the final third.

Written by Dinesh V

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