Who Is This Arsenal Target Appearing In The Champions League As One Of The Youngest Ever Player?

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There has been a lot of hype and speculation regarding one of the most impressive young talents in the world right now, and when he was going to finally make his debut for Juventus despite being only 16 years old.

This guy is Moise Kean, one of the most impressively talented speedsters in the world, and everybody was eager to see what “Super Moise” (as he’s been nicknamed due to some resemblances with fellow compatriot Mario Balotelli) had to offer for the Bianconeri.

Due to Marko Pjaca and Paulo Dybala injuries, the possibility to see Kean came much sooner than expected and the youngster finally had a chance to shine against low profile side Pescara, substituting Mario Mandzukic, becoming the only player to be born in 2000 to make his debut in the Italian Serie A.

So it’s only natural that dozens of great teams are piling up to acquire the Ivory Coast – Italian youngster, as the versatile speedster’s talent is completely off the charts, as you would expect from every guy represented by big shot agent Mino Raiola.

One of the teams that are currently looking to break the bank in order to try and sign this diamond in the rough is Arsene Wenger’s Arsenal, an institution known for their trust and development of young players that’s always on the hunt for a new great prospect. So let’s talk a little bit more about who this wonder kid is.

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Kean is your typical pacy guy who can play near the sidelines with great ease, behind the striker or even as the main man up front, and some passages of his game make him seem like a great combination of Raheem Sterling and the aforementioned Mario Balotelli, a lethal fusion if you ask us.

He has already made his debut for the Italian u17 national team, scoring his first goal against Spain, besides also making a couple of appearances for Juventus in this year’s UEFA Youth League, completely dominating every single opponent that dared to try to contain him.

During the past season at the tender age of 16, the versatile scorer managed to send the ball to the bottom of the nets on 24 opportunities in 25 played games, something that’s completely mouthwatering to every single big team that’s trying to make a run at him.

Moise is one of the most powerful and speedy youngsters you’ll find, as his physique is extremely well developed for a youngster, and he could eventually become a Didier Drogba or Romelu Lukaku kind of striker, having a great aerial game and great ability to knock down defenders with his strength. It’s very unlikely that Juventus will let him go, but Arsenal is keen to bring him to North London.

On the downside, he still has a lot of maturing to do in order to become one of the best in the world, as his youth often makes him try to overdo things instead of just passing the ball to any of his teammates, but he’s still a teenager, so that’s the kind of things you’d expect from him.

Written by Ernesto Cova

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