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Arsenal Sign The “Next Robben” Jamaal Raage

Arsenal have signed a 16 year old Swedish super talented kid named Jamaal Raage.

Jamaal Raage had trials with both Arsenal and Manchester United few months back. But it was Arsenal who rewarded him with a deal as they believe that Raage has all the abilities to make it to the top level.

Jamaal Raage - Arsenal
Jamaal Raage – Arsenal

Jamaal Raage has scored two goals in four games as a Sweden’s under 15 international.  In his latest interview, he compared himself with Bayern Munich winger Arjen Robben.

He said,

It is something everyone wants (about Arsenal move) , no-one would turn down something like this, it’s good for my development.

I’m a bit like Arjen Robben.

I am left footed and goes pretty much left to cut in and shoot. But it’s hard to describe myself, the audience gets to do that instead.