Arsenal Opinion: Ozil Needs To Pull His Socks Up Or Else He Could Be Shown The Door

Arsenal might have whimpered in the UEFA Champions League and questions were raised not only about their defensive capabilities but also about their entire outlook and game plan against Monaco. Arsenal were outgunned, excuse the pun and were second best for most part of the game. While people were harking about Per Mertesacker and the absolute stinker he performed, there is another player who could be feeling the heat as more star players start to do better.

ozil islam
Mesut Ozil

Mesut Ozil might have been one of the Premier League’s most expensive signings but one thing is for certain, his career has not taken off as well as he would have expected after leaving Real Madrd. Ozil started his career at Arsenal with a bang and seemed to be involved in almost all the goals but in the 2nd half of his first season all that changed and he seemed to struggle not only with the sheer physicality of the Premier League but the lack of a winter break in the Premier League.

It also seemed to be a problem for the German when he did not have a lot of finishers to give the ball to but that all has changed a bit at Arsenal thanks to the signing of Alexis Sanchez and that is something which does not bode well for the German world cup winner.

Ozil needs to pull his socks up or else he could be shown the door

While he might be one of the most expensive signings, there is no surety that he will be kept at Arsenal if he keeps on providing average performances for the Gunners, he is supposed to be one of the go to guys at Arsenal and more often than not he has disappointed for the Gunners, this season has been no different and there have already been calls for Ozil to be dropped from the team.

He seems to be missing something special and the best thing that Arsenal could do is to sell the German while they still can get a fair amount for him, Ozil does thrive when he is not the fulcrum of the attack but he needs to play in his preferred position just behind the striker but even then it has not been a guarantee that he will perform well. Alexis Sanchez plays in that role more often than not and does provide more than Ozil.

Sanchez does do a lot of dirty work in getting the ball back and starting attacks, something that Ozil might do but does often get pushed off the ball too easily. Ozil should understand that there are no guarantees in the football and if Real Madrid could have sold him even after being their top assist maker in the seasons he was there, he could easily be shipped away from Arsenal, if the price is right. Ozil should really start doing more for the club and if he doesn’t, it could be goodbye to the German midfielder by the Gunners.

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