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Arsenal Latest: Wilshere Talks About Fabregas, Ramsey To Be The Welsh Captain Again?

Wilshere to stay with Arsenal

Jack Wilshere is considered as the future of the Arsenal football club as well as his nation England. There is a definite word out there that if his career had not been hampered by injury, then by now he would have been one of the best midfielders in the world.

Wilshere who was blessed to work with players like Fabregas at a very young age was not fortunate enough to continue playing alongside him. However, Ozil’s addition to the midfield along with a rejuventad Aaron Ramsey and the Spanish sensation Santi Cazorla, Arsenal’s midfield does look like a force to be reckoned with this season.

Albeit, Wilshere himself has hailed former Arsenal player Cesc Fabregas as the best player that he has partnered on the pitch. Speaking to Spanish newspaper Sport, Wilshere has stated that he has learnt a lot from Fabregas prior to his departure to Barcelona.

“He’s probably the best player I’ve ever played – for sure. Unfortunately I was injured and I could play together with him only one season, then he went to Barcelona. But I learned a lot, placements, control, footwork and the ability to score. He’s young and has become a great at Arsenal, what I want to do too,” he said.

Fabregas had previously captained the Gunners side and later moved to Spain. At Barcelona he has not been given enough opportunities to justify his talent and thus he has been subject to constant speculation regarding transfer. Arsene Wenger has also said that he would monitor Cesc’s situation and try and bring him back to the Emrates. That would again surely excite Wilshere to be able to play alongside the Spanish star.

Other headlines:

It is alleged that Arsenal’s rejuvenated Aaron Ramsey could lead his National team against Serbia after being withdrawn from the captaincy role almost a year ago. The midfielder who has been one of the most improved players in the Arsenal team, could wear his country’s arm band again as Swansea City’s Ashley Williams will serve his one match ban and next in line could very well be Ramsey.

I’ve not spoken with him (the new captain) yet but I’m probably looking at two or three players with experience,” said Coleman. (Quoted by the Walesonline)  I’ve got to get it right, going forward also for the future. It’s unfortunate to lose Ash because he has been fantastic for us.

“He’s a big loss but whoever gets the armband is going to have to lead by example. I can’t deny he’s not someone I’ve thought about (for the captaincy) because his form is magnificent,” said Coleman. I gave it to Ash last year because I thought he was on top of Aaron, who hadn’t got back to his form of before. I felt he was under a lot of pressure and that’s why I gave it to Ashley, who’s a natural born leader anyway.

“He was a good choice but I’ve always believed that Aaron would be captain again one day. He just had to concentrate on his own game and he’s been absolutely fantastic with Arsenal. Then he comes with us and runs the game, and he just looks mentally and physically different to where he was last year.”


In other news, Tom Fox, Arsenal’s chief commercial officer, has stated that the club is in a good financial position because of their own efforts and not because they are backing by some sugar daddy, unlike many of their rivals.

‘When we win, we will win on the back of our own effort, on the back of our own hard work and revenue that we as a club generate based on our power as a global brand. We won’t win on the back of a wealthy benefactor reaching into his pocket and solving the problem that way,’ Fox mentioned in an interview recently.