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Arsenal Latest: Wenger Wants A DM And An Offer For UAE Star

Till now, this transfer window has really been crummy for the Gunners. So far, Arsene Wenger has only managed to recruit French youngster Yaya Sanogo. They have been previously linked with strikers like Luis Suarez, Wayne Rooney and others but none of the deal has shown the day-light.

While the transfer rumours around Emirates have been mainly centred with strikers, Gunners fans have completely forgot the fact that they lack a substantial defensive midfielder down the centre line. It is believed that Arsenal are still in the hunt for a defensive midfielder. Geoffrey Kondogbia is one of their target (atleast according to the rumors).

Kondogbia currently plays as a defensive midfielder for La Liga side Sevilla. This 20-year old lad has the versatility to play as a centre back or left back too. His performance for Sevilla last season has proved he can become the odd card to gamble.

A defensive midfielder in the team provides the security among the attacking players. In such a way, Wenger can strengthen the team’s attacking mentality by providing more security down the line. Arsenal will definitely benefit from Kondogbia’s physical strength and ball winning skills.

In other news, Arsenal’s interest to hold a trial for the Al Ain footballer Omar Abdulrahman has been slammed by the club. Earlier it was revealed that Wenger is keen to watch the 21 years old UAE international Omar. Omar mainly plays as a winger and attacking midfielder for his club and country. He grabbed the eyes after his performance at the 2012 Olympic Games.

Ai Ain chairman Sheikh Abdullah bin Mohammed has told that they will consider selling the player only if a substantial bid comes in their way.

“Omar Abdulrahman is a national treasure, which is why the club is keen to study with great attention only serious offers that are beneficial to the player,” he is quoted as saying by the National.

“Omar is above having to go on trial to prove his skills, as he has played high-quality league and international matches, which are the real test.

“Any club willing to recruit Omar can check his performance in all his games and then submit a serious offer to sign him.

“If there is one, we are ready to negotiate with the team and reach a compromise.”

Scouting Omar Abdulrahman (Video),

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