Arsenal Injury News: Massive News For The Gunners As Star Defender Is expected To Be Fit For The Barcelona Game

Arsenal Injury News

Arsenal’s defender Laurent Koscielny is said to recover in a few days after he was withdrawn from the match against Leicester at half time due to dead leg.

Laurent Koscielny
Laurent Koscielny

Dead leg is basically caused by a blow to thigh muscles most often by knee, the impact of the quadriceps result into muscles crushing against the bone. The recovery period usually takes up days however depending upon the severity of the blow it may even take weeks.

The treatment usually involves RICE procedure that is Rest, Ice, Compress and Elevate using a compression bandage till the swelling and tingling associated with the injury does not get contained.

Although Koscielny will most probably be fit and start training in few days one can expect him not to play the cup game, he may play directly against Barcelona on 23rd even though he may be ready by the midweek.


Written by Sanjeevani Dhakal

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