Arsenal FC: Wilshere Should Learn From Ramsey In His Make Or Break Season

Is Ramsey finally arriving at a good place in his career ?

Aaron Ramsey is a fine example of a player who fought his way to realise his potential. After a disappointing 2012-13 season where he made 47 appearances and scored just twice, Ramsey was looking like a potential that was not going to be realised any time soon. He was there as a substitute and a squad player, mainly playing because of his work rate and stamina while his technical aspects were not known to be strong thanks to that horrible night at the Britannia Stadium.

Wilshere’s scenario now, is similar if not worse. He is carrying the country’s hopes on his shoulder with the amount of promise he showed a few seasons back. But injuries and lack of discipline have led to a standstill in his career. His affinity towards indiscipline has often drawn negative attention as he was recently caught smoking a cigarette. Wilshere is now being portrayed as a talented young footballer who has started on a downward spiral due to his lack of seriousness. The English International, undoubtedly has the talent and plays in a team that is known to give young players ample number of opportunities for development. So, it is his duty to respect the club and ensure his health and discipline as it is something which he has never guaranteed.

Wilshere is a typical English prospect. He likes to work hard on the pitch, does both the functional and the flair part of football, is quite versatile and has a lot of flair which he showed when he scored a stunning team goal against Norwich last season. He has the chance to rise to the occasion just like Rooney did many seasons ago when he was a youngster. He could definitely take his team-mate Aaron Ramsey’s example. Ramsey didn’t have it so easy. He was mostly written off in comparison to Wilshere’s talent and was conceived of as more of a hardworking player than a natural flair player. Ramsey also had injury hit seasons and some hard loan spells and time on the sidelines, but last season we saw how he took the team by the scruff of the neck and initiated a title challenge.

Wilshere was and still is, the star whom England wants to protect and nurture so that once Steven Gerrard hangs his boots, the Arsenal man is ready to drive the midfield. But his performances have to rise beyond last season’s 5 goals and 4 assists in all competitions, when we consider that he isn’t playing the defensive midfield role that he once played in his breakthrough season. Ramsey on the other hand, scored 16 in all competitions last year, which itself is a testimony to why he was the player of the year for the Gunners.

Now Gunners have appointed a new medical staff, that is much better equipped in bringing players back from injuries in time. Jack Wilshere now has to prove his mettle and grab goals and assists just like Ramsey did last season because injuries and fitness is being taken care of. That is definitely not going to happen if he likes to smoke a cig or two!

Final Verdict:

Wilshere is 22 years old, and Ramsey was that age last season. As most experts believe, this upcoming season is very crucial to his career. Arsenal are planning to buy a defensive midfielder, which means that he would have to compete directly with Ramsey and Arteta for the second pivotal spot that guarantees a bit more freedom. However, he has to prove himself to be a better performer than them, who have proved their consistency. This is the make or break season for a talented player who just needs the focus he once seemed to have.


Written by Dinesh V

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