Arsenal FC – Does Nasri’s Statement Prove Stan Kroenke Is The Reason Behind All The Big Money Transfer?

“I would like to give him a punch, because a player like him should play like this always. Every game. Maybe one game sometimes he can play badly. I don’t understand what was different. I can’t understand how a player with his quality doesn’t play like this every game. The second year is always difficult to win the title again. And sometimes the player can think it is enough to play 50 per cent. We’ve probably had this problem this year.”

These were the exact lines mentioned by Manchester City boss Roberto Mancini due to Nasri’s inconsistent performances. However, Nasri topped it with an even more interesting response. He built up to it revealing some facts Arsenal fans did not know.

“Wenger told me that, if Cesc [Fàbregas] left, I would stay, but Kroenke wanted the money.” He continued on to say at the end of the statement, “Wenger is the best coach I’ve worked with. I only regret not having more discussions with Arsène Wenger when I left. He’s the one who understood me the most and made me the player I am. I’m thankful.”

After reading that, one could not help but wonder, what if there is some substance to all this blame towards the board? Whatever Wenger hasn’t lost his niche? What if he’s better than what he was 8 years ago?

Arsene Wenger and the situation Arsenal are in is laughable

Let’s take this into consideration: From Nasri’s comment, we can clearly get an explanation of some of the most shocking transfers in the last few seasons for Arsenal. Could this be the same reasoning for van Persie’s departure? You might have all heard rumors that he was willing to stay because of the purchases of Cazorla and Podolski, but left because the board wanted him out. So did Kroenke’s greed play a part in his sale too?

Along with the board, Arsene Wenger has also been under severe criticism from the fans over the past couple of season. So after this, you have to wonder, why is Arsene taking the fall for all of this? Is this what earns him his safe managerial spot at Arsenal? Arsene keeps his mouth shut, owners earn money, Arsene earns a stable job: Perfect!
Furthermore, it reflects on Wenger’s true coaching talent, securing a CL spot with all these corruption that has been going on above him.

Kroenke took advantage of Wenger because he knew Le Professeur still has magic. He can create gold out of nothing, which earns him a safe ticket as well. Despite Arsene apparently “slipping up”, could it be true that he is better than ever? Why would every player that has left Arsenal claim Arsene is irreplaceable? It doesn’t make sense if Mr. Wenger is as talent-less as everyone claims these days.

If greed hadn’t taken the best of Arsenal, they would still be at the top. Obviously there are a million answers to that, but there’s a certain level of corruption in Arsenal’s board that we just can’t ignore now.


Written by Dinesh V

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