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Arsenal fans – What If Wenger Wins The FA Cup And Qualify For Champions League? Wenger In Or Wenger Out?

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Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger
Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger

What Would Arsenal Fans Want If The Gunners Qualify For Champions League And Win The FA Cup

The current season will probably go down as the worst for Arsenal ever since Arsene Wenger took charge. Wenger’s appointment as Arsenal manager saw the club became entertainers by playing attractive eye-catching football. But this season, the club has been playing plaintive football and the results have been poor too. The club are in a negative spiral right now and the fans want Wenger to leave the club. The spirit among the fans is at an all-time low.

By the looks of it, Arsene Wenger is probably going to sign a new contract with the club. The club may well end the season with an annual Champions league qualification and the FA Cup, which may cool the supporters down a bit but not to a great extent. Assuming that the team ends the season in 4th place and also wins the FA cup, we take a look at what Arsene needs to do and what the fans would want in what promises to be a busy summer for the club and the fans alike.

There three key areas that need to be strengthened. Arsenal need players in central midfield, full-back position on the left, and a forward/winger.

Central Midfield And Left-back

Granit Xhaka has been solid if unspectacular for Arsenal since joining last summer. Aaron Ramsey has been inconsistent and injuries haven’t helped him either. Wilshere will be back after a decent season at Bournemouth. Santi Cazorla is the heart of the team and he ticks Arsenal’s game. His absence has cost Arsenal a lot in the last 2 seasons.

At 33, he cant be relied upon regularly, plus his injury issues don’t do any good to the club. Coquelin and Elneny are at best, squad players who provide some valuable depth. So a physical defensive midfielder who can partner Xhaka, needs to be signed. The player need not be in the mould of Cazorla but he must possess some sound technical abilities.

Santi Cazorla
Santi Cazorla

Nacho Monreal has been pretty good this season, barring a few games. But he is not getting any younger. His lack of pace is being exploited by teams but he has been efficient in those games. Kieran Gibbs is not more than a backup because of his limited abilities. So this position needs to be strengthened. Sean Kolasinac seems to be a promising option and Arsenal should sign him this summer.

A World Class Forward

Arsenal definitely need a world class forward if they are to challenge for titles in the future. Walcott is a lost cause. Welbeck has injury issues. Giroud is probably the best plan B in Europe but whether he is good enough to lead the attack remains a question. Alexis Sanchez has impressed as a striker by scoring goals and creating assists with ease. But he needs to be played in a constant position. Switching him between left wing and centre-forward role hasn’t helped him. So a winger or a striker is needed depending on which position Sanchez plays.

Desire And Urgency

Leaving all this, all supporters want Arsenal players to play with some desire and urgency. Arsenal players have been criticised earlier for the lack of mental strength but recent victories over Manchester City and Manchester United show that the squad needs to be channelled in the right way for them to show it on the field. The team lacks vocal leaders on the pitch. The return of Wilshere and Szczesny will ease that aspect.

Next season would be a defining one for Arsenal. The real strength of the players to come back after a tumultuous season should be displayed. Otherwise, it would be same problems rising over and over again.