Arsenal Fans Stay Away: Reasons Why Lionel Messi Won’t Join Arsenal?


Lionel Messi is someone who always seems to keep the transfer rumour mill ticking, just for the heck of it to be honest. Almost a bystander to whatever good or bad transpires in the game, Messi is someone who always seems to concentrate on winning games and playing for his club more than anything else. Rumours link him with mega money moves to powerhouse clubs all across Europe, but he hardly seems concerned and he gets on with the game every time.

And the latest rumour floating in, or rather beaming in from nowhere links Premier League giants Arsenal to the majestic Argentine. And believe me, Lionel Messi is set to stay at the Nou Camp this season and here are some reasons why he won’t leave for Arsenal:

It’s Daily Star for heaven’s sake!


It was the much criticized Daily Star that came up with this story on Monday morning and whenever they resort to doing something like this, you very well know what they’re up to. Click bait journalism which is more into earning than breaking out the truth and reporting something reportable, is something the Daily Star love to do. It’s been years since they’ve been into this and more so, they haven’t sighted any reliable source for it too. It’s just a piece with no sources mentioned and we very well have an idea about how reliable Daily Star are.

Do Arsenal really spend that much?…

…That too on a single player? I mean, they didn’t spend any bit of money on an outfield player and Messi alone has a price tag in the region of 200 million euros appended to his name. It was being said by the great Daily Star that Arsenal are willing to offer him wages around £600,000 and it’s next to impossible really! And if Arsenal does that, dreaming something like this would be impossible, more so for Arsenal fans in fact!

Tito Vilanova’s promise and the metaphor

It’s said that Lionel Messi had made a promise about never leaving the Catalan club before late Tito Vilanova succumbed to cancer 2 years ago. Messi’s faithfulness towards Barcelona is a slight aftermath of his promises and leaving Barcelona would be something that would break his promise of doing the exact opposite. More so, Lionel Messi never gives us an impression of departing the Nou Camp, one way or another.

Arsenal aren’t Bayern Munich, Manchester City, United or PSG

To sound brutally honest, Arsenal aren’t the force they once used to be. They maybe lions in the Premier League but are teddy bears on the European stage. And Messi plies his trade with Barcelona, a gigantic club, far bigger than Arsenal looking at the status quo and it’d be step down for someone who’s in his prime. Apart from the dearth of affordance, Arsenal may be massive in terms of popularity and following, but not in terms of ability. Messi would opt for clubs who’re slightly more distinguishable on the European stage- clubs like Bayern Munich or PSG.

Kaustubh Pandey

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