Arsenal Fans – Maybe Samir Nasri Is Actually A Gentleman?

Offcourse, none of the Arsenal fans would even remotely think of accepting Samir Nasri for his decision to join Manchester City. Ever since he left the Emirates to join the Manchester side, they have given him nothing but abuse and sometimes even harassed the midfielder. However, it turns out he’s actually sound enough by the looks of it. (or at-least we are trying to look at the other side)

This came to the lime light a couple of days ago when Mirror published the story with French comedian Olivier Bourg trying to be the most annoying fan in the world and make Nasri go off on one, but the former Arsenal man never lost his cool. Even when Bourg asks him to become the Godfather of Dog Football, Nasri replied: “I have no dog, it is a pity,” before turning down an invitation to become a godfather for Bourg’s so-called ‘Dog Association’ and politely tries to walk away.




Written by Dinesh V

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