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Arsenal Fans Have Been Brainwashed?

Will Wenger spend  the cash???

Arsene Wenger has been on the receiving end of some barrage of abuses from the Emirates faithful who wanted their manager to spend some cash over the past few seasons. Although Arsenal started off with a disappointing defeat to Villa in the opening match of the season, a win against Fenerbache saw them potentially land one leg on the Champions league dreams and a 1-3 win over Fulham certainly has given them the real boost they needed before the Gunners encounter Tottenham Hotspur.

However, Wenger is convinced that the occasional poisonous atmosphere in north London is due to fans letting their emotions get the better of them.

The media in general has brainwashed a little bit the Emirates,” he said. “Maybe rightly so, I don’t know, because we haven’t won trophies for years everything is negative. But we have to live with that and focus on playing well football. “We lost one game since the beginning of March. That’s why it was a shock. But we won in the Champions League at Bayern Munich. We won at Fenerbahce. It is just like that at the moment.

“People always want news. We live in a world which is very interesting but very excessive. When people are not loyal, you are critical. When people are loyal, you say they have been there too long. “It’s always excessive reaction. The people in charge need to keep their distance from that more than ever.”

The French manager also rejected suggestions that his stubbornness has led to Arsenal’s disappointments in the transfer market, and insisted the club are still looking to add.

“Someone told me I have had 956 games for Arsenal,” he added. “I care about this club and when we had last week’s result I was deeply disappointed. This is not a personal trip.

“This is about doing things well for the club I love and I am happy we are back on track. If we can gain one, two or even three more, we will do it. They (the players) want to win the league. They enjoy playing together and this is the first year when we have not been traumatised by losing players.”

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