Why Arsenal Should Do Everything To Stop Manchester City From Luring Their Most Prized-Possession


Very often, Guardiola gets what he wants, and almost always have his way. And recruiting the best legs is what we are talking about here, even though the Catalan’s heart desires for titles do get fulfilled almost most of the time too.

The Manchester City manager successfully lured Stones from Everton, convinced Bravo to depart Barcelona, and he is set to pull off another one of his “player-stealing” expertise stunts on Arsenal right-back Hector Bellerin.

Barcelona are also said to be interested in landing the player; a former La Masia youngster, but it’s Manchester City that are the real threats to the Arsenal.

So here are some reasons to why Arsenal should do everything in their power to stop Manchester City from luring last season’s PFA Team of the year player away from the Emirates.

He can become the Bale Arsenal never had

One of the players who would make a starting XI of super stars Wenger wished to land was Gareth Bale. The gaffer’s reason for not eventually pursuing the signature of the Wales international is because, the club already had Gael Clichy, and money, maybe. The coach later caught hindsight of the versatility the erstwhile most expensive player possesses.

Might be too late to get him back now, but there is no longer need for that as Bellerin has everything it takes to be Arsenal’s version of the Welshman (not just because of the familiar blistering pace).

As opposed to Bale’s transition from full back to winger, Bellerin has the quality to transform into the best right winger in the EPL. The stats (which will be touched soon) already prove so.

The Spanish full back started out as a winger before his conversion to right back. In the not-too-distant future, he could move further up the pitch, and the result could be very rewarding for the club.


Not the type of player to be let gone.

Defence aside, he is a complete attacking package

No EPL defender has assisted more goals (6), or completed more dribbles (76) than Hector since the beginning of last season.

His attacking qualities in the final third makes him one of the greatest assets within the Arsenal squad, for now and the future. It’s pertinent to note he’s just in his 2nd full season as a first team player. Imagine how much better he would get as the subsequent season unfolds.

Pep is a fan of every attacking and ball-playing feature Bellerin has, and his obsession over landing the youngster is completely understandable.

He would be very hard to replace

Arsenal are making moves to extend his contract and renew it for 5 more years. But even that won’t stop Manchester City or Barcelona from attempting to land the rare gem of a player.

And as such, Arsenal shouldn’t let him go, even for a price. Some players are irreplaceable, and he falls into that category. Being the only Arsenal player that made last season’s PFA Team of the year speaks volume.

The north London giants must do everything within their capacity to keep him. And it could even involve landing the title soon, as a lack of silverware could eventually force him out.

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