Arsenal Daily: Tom Fox Interview And Rosicky Talks About Emirates Atmosphere

 Tom Fox, Arsenal’s chief commercial officer stated that Arsenal football club is not about winning trophies.

He said,
“Arsenal Football Club is not only about winning.”
“We have a large and engaged fan-base around the world who want to feel as if they belong to the club, and want to feel proud to belong to the club. That’s my primary business.” 
“Obviously nothing instills pride in our fan-base more than winning, but there’s many things we do that make our fans feel proud.”
“Developing young talent and finding those players in the marketplace make our fans feel proud.”

“When they see that we can attract — even though we haven’t won a trophy in seven years — one of the top global brands in the world for the type of money and financial commitment they’re making, that makes our fans feel proud. So our brand is defined by more than winning.”

Meanwhile Tomas Rosicky who came back from injury praised Arsenal fans for their support.
Rosicky: We need to Win fans back
Czech playmaker commented,
“I can understand the frustrations, I am an Arsenal fan as well when I was not playing,”

“You could feel the great atmosphere we created at the Emirates with performances against Tottenham and AC Milan [in last season’s Champions League]. I have been in professional football for a very long time and that was without any doubt the best atmosphere I have ever played in.”

“Of course we have to win the people again, that is the challenge. It will be difficult, there is no doubt about that, [but] we are capable of doing it again. If we are all on board, Arsenal is a great place to play football, but we have to stick together and fight.”




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