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Arsenal or Chelsea? Where Should This Spanish Goal Poacher Go Next Season?

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Alvaro Morata was probably one of the few bright spots for Spain in Euro 2016, but now that the Spanish have been eliminated from the tournament, he can be involved in a massive tug of war as Real Madrid do seem likely to sell him to the highest bidder.

Morata was bought back by Real after his two year spell with Juventus and two clubs who have been linked with him are Chelsea and Arsenal, well, at least from the Premier League side. Arsenal and Chelsea have needed to bring in some players who can push them onto the next level and they both have huge transfer budgets, but which club would actually be the best option for Morata? Let us find out.

London calling for Morata

The Spaniard does not have the greatest goal scoring record as in his two year spell at Juventus; he only came in with 27 goals from 93 games. He isn’t someone who will bag you a ton of goals but his work rate is the greatest asset he can provide to a club.

The 23-year-old is a great header of the ball as well and his hassling of defences is just the kind of thing that most Premier League clubs would love to have in their strikers. Looking at the players and styles of Arsenal and Chelsea, there can only be one club where Morata should go to if he wants to thrive.

Chelsea might be getting a new manager, but one thing is for certain, Antonio Conte will make them a force next season as he has shown that even with an aging Italian side, he has made them tough to beat and his tactics in the 2-0 win over Spain and even with the win over Belgium show that he can really be the best manager in the Premier League next season.

The Italian does not need fast strikers or those who create chances, all that is done by the hard-working wing-backs, what he needs is a striker that is willing to do the dirty work yet be in the right place at the right time and that very well be Alvaro Morata.

The Spanish star might get to play more attacking football with Arsenal, but he would not be the right player for the playing style at the club. Morata should think twice before moving to London, this could be his last big move for a chance to shine and Antonio Conte is the man for the Spanish star.