An Emotional Letter to English Media From an Arsenal Fan

Below is a letter an Arsenal fan writes to English media, he seems to be Angry,Very Angry.

Dear English Media,

You s***. Big time. I don’t understand why you have to be against Arsene Wenger and Arsenal so much. What is your problem? Seriously. Every time Arsenal loose, you talk about the trophy drought, ‘Wenger lost his plot’ , Arsenal are not a Big team any more, Arsene’s project is a failure. Blah blah!!

I don’t understand why these people never learn their lessons?  They criticize before the match badly about the team, manager, team selection (without even knowing the actual team), team mentality and what not? But when Arsenal turn the table around and pulls off a  good performance and win’s the game against all the Odd’s they shamelessly praise act like nothing ever happened. Is it just me or it is stupid and absurd behavior ?

You asked him ‘ARSENE WHO’ He proved you who he is, winning titles from the Word GO, He revolutionized English football, you don’t seem to appreciate that. When the game is being spoiled and slowly poisoned by the money thrown by the Arab and Russian sugar daddies, he stands up for the value and the way football is meant to play, Arsenal are being run as an example of about how the club has to be run, you don’t seem to recognize that, all you do is criticize him. You ask him if his team is capable to finish in top 4, you write him off saying his time is over, but he proves you wrong  time and time again.

You criticized him of not using English players, not building English talents, there you go. You have the brightest talent England has had in some years in form of Jack Wilshere, and other talents like Carl Jenkinson, Akpom, Gibbs, Walcott, and Chamberlain. Which club has nurtured young talents better than Arsenal ? Not that Arsene bothers about you people or what you write about him, It’ makes us the fans angry. He is a strong headed individual, refuses to give in to all the hype and speculation. Plays his card close to his chest and often ridicules the media for the rumors. Is that why you hate him so much ? Or it is because he is a foreign manager or is it because he counters all your questions sarcastically and makes you look like a fool? Or is it because he doesn’t feed you with enough headlines like Jose,Mancini or Ferguson does ? So you cook up your own stuff and write about him? Whatever it is, it is just very bad to see people talking bad about him every time you open some news websites.

Day before yesterday a famous online news website (I dont wanana name it) reported that Arsene will rest Walcott, Cazorla to concentrate on top 4 Finish. After writing about Arsene, criticizing him day in day out since the day he came, you haven’t learnt this simple thing? ARSENE DOESN’T SIMPLY GIVE UP. And this news went viral and there was a fan who cancelled his flight to Germany saying he doesn’t want to see his team getting humiliated, (I feel sorry for that guy now, you missed this match? Come on!) and The very same website reported this news, and it looks like they went into searching for people who reacted to this stupid article. And many stupid’s actually did. People like Gary Linker, Piers Morgan were reacting in the very usual way, making a fool out of themselves. “More than 3,000 Gunners fans will arrive to discover that Wenger will field a severely weakened team after prioritizing a top-four finish in the Barclays Premier League.” Exactly as they reported.  Well those 3000 people went back home with heads held high and signing about Arsenal all the way. We almost pulled it off, we made history. Get off our back, don’t piss us off with your stupid articles week in and week out. Nowadays I prefer watching the match with no commentary, wish there is an option to mute just the commentary and listen just the fans noise. It’s difficult to stand those I-Know-everything-about-football comments from those commentators, most seem to be Anti-Arsenal.

Now that he dropped Szczesny and Vermaelen for ONE GAME, those intelligent souls have cooked up a ‘exclusive’ story saying both are set to leave this summer. And They speculate Podolski will leave Arsenal this summer, Even on my wildest dreams I wouldn’t make such stories. They are just like that the friend you have in your group who has very little knowledge about football but bad mouths about your team before every game and goes missing after your team wins it . Another thing that makes us sick is these people are as inconsistent as the UEFA refrees. When Manchester United gets knocked of CL they are unlucky, refree’s decision went against them, even after a good performance they are forced out blah blah! when arsenal put up a brave fight against Bayern pulling of a brilliant come back,almost creating history, they report ‘Arsenal restores some pride’. and the Headlines sounds decent,if you go on to read the entire article you’l discover that they would have talked less about the match and more about the trophy drought. 0-2 in Allianz arena and you talk about the trophy drought and not praise the performance of the players you wrote off ?. God bless these people.

In spite of proving them wrong every season, they still keep talking about us.

Lessons English Media must learn.

  2. What ever transfer rumors you cook up, it’s going in the drain (not because we won’t sign anyone but you won’t get a clue of who Arsene is looking for Monreal is an Eg.)
  3. Don’t keep talking about Arsene’s tactics and make a fool out of yourself,  He knows football better than any other journos you have or you’l ever have.
  4. You don’t write ARSENAL off.

P.S : Please learn your lesson’s as soon as possible and feed us with better articles and NEWS, guess asking a newspaper to feed us with news is not too much to ask for. Providing people with news is your job and people are not interested on what you speculate or talk about in your cafeteria, people in English media often seem to forget this.

Written by Dinesh V

Co-founder of Soccersouls. Living a start-up life 24/7
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