Amazing new football management game completes second month of Soft Launch

If there is something we’ve learnt from Real Madrid’s less than salubrious domestic and European campaign this season, then it is that Zinedine Zidane was more than just a journeyman manager, and Cristiano Ronaldo was the epicenter of much of their success.

This underpins the obvious importance of having not just a highly rated manager, but an equally high marquee player who is a great character in the dressing room.

Being a former Real Madrid player—one who went on to coach the reserve team before working his way up to the helm—it’s quite safe to say that Zidane has already left his mark as a football manager; unassailably sufficing his reappointment at the Bernabeu.

Although not every single one of us can get to the very pinnacles of such managerial success, you too can leave your imprint in football management games by playing Club Manager 2019.

A game primarily based on cards

The game strongly revolves around cards, and you’ll have to open card packs to elevate your chances of acquiring better players, items and upgrades for your club.

You will be receiving free cards after every match, and the cards will either be consumable or permanent. Consumable cards, which disappear from your card collection once you use them, include the likes of training cards, injury treatment cards and stamina recovery cards, whereas player cards, manager cards and emblem cards are permanent and can as such be used multiple times.

Free Manager Cash

Once you join Club Manager, you will be given a relatively simple team in the lower divisions, and the challenge will be to manage and lead it to glory by winning both League and Cup competitions.

There are three forms of matches in the game, namely Division matches, Exhibition matches and Competition matches; with the guarantee of receiving free Manager Cash after every match! The Manager Cash awarded will nonetheless vary depending on whether you win, draw or lose a match.

Freedom to spend money and choose tactics

As manager, you will have the financial clout to sell and buy players, given that you will be in full control of the club’s finances.

There are various kinds of managers in football. Some prefer flamboyance while other will always opt for efficiency. In Club Manager, you will have utter and complete freedom to express you managerial style and philosophy by choosing your preferred lineups and tactics.

Effortless game to master

The game has quite a straightforwardly accessible user interface that will enable you to understand how to play it within the shortest time possible, whereas minimal loading times will deliver a flawless gaming experience.

Even better is the fact that you can chat with your friends and other players thanks to the instant in-game chat.

iOS and Android versions

Since Club Manager is still on Soft Launch, it can for the moment only be accessed on PC (desktop or browser). The mobile versions of the game are however set to be released in the second quarter of 2019.

Once the official global launch is made, not many games on the planet will be able to match Club Manager 2019!


Written by SoccerSouls

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