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All About Couples: The Fascinating Relationship Between Football and Couples

Many aspects of modern life specifically lend themselves to dating and romance. A shared taste in music. Favorite cuisine. Hobbies or interests you have in common. One thing guaranteed to bring people close together is football, the world’s most popular sport. If you’re a couple, how can football bring you closer together?

And if you’re feeling even more adventurous, could it bring someone else into the equation?! Let’s take a closer look into the fascinating correlation between football and couples, arranged according to the ‘type’ of ‘football lover’ you might be.

  1. Type 1- A couple who are strategically positioning themselves to follow an individual player on the field.

One of the most obvious aspects of football today is the way that the sport has captured the public imagination. Much of this has got to be down to the advent of social media, with many of the key players in football clubs now commanding celebrity status.

Look no further than iconic Portuguese striker Cristiano Ronaldo, whose social media followers run into millions!

If you are a couple who are both keen on a particular star player, having this focus can do wonders for your romantic life. This could also be beneficial if you are open-minded and might classify yourself as a – someone to become the intriguing and exciting third point to a love triangle!

The best way to come across people on your wavelength would be to sign up for the appropriate digital matchmaking service. This is where you can interact with a variety of kindred spirits, with algorithms that will ensure you have every chance of being matched with someone who is on your wavelength.

What better way to make the appropriate introductions than exchanging messages in the discreet communication channel offered by online dating sites or apps?

  1. Type 2 – A couple of friends who are just happy to be together & don’t really care about the game or take a more proactive role.

It might also be the case that you are a romantically-inclined couple who are not necessarily fans of the same player or team but are simply content to enjoy the sport from a more general point of view. One of the best aspects of football is the way that it is a terrific way of keeping fit.

If you are a fan of strenuous exercises, then football can provide all the ‘exertions’ you could require to keep you trim, shed excess weight, and boost your cardiovascular health. 

Taking a football to a park for a kickaround would be a fantastic way of bringing you closer together as a couple while giving you lots of exposure to fresh air and reinvigorating sunshine.

While you indulge in these exercise routines, you might well attract the attention of passers-by who might be keen to join in. Football can be an excellent way to break down barriers and bring strangers closer together.

Which of the two ‘couples types’ do you fit into?

We have highlighted a couple of types. The beauty of human relationships is that they can be complex, and while you might fit into neither category, there may still be parts of football and its ability to unite people that will still be useful for your social life.

If you aren’t sure about whether you are type one or type two, perhaps a suggestion might be to check out online dating possibilities. After all, these websites and the app versions have evolved into something much more than platforms where people can find their ideal romantic partner. They have developed into vibrant social hubs where people from a variety of different backgrounds can get together.

There are all sorts of chat room facilities and forums where you can interact with an incredibly diverse array of individuals. The more time you spend chatting to people in group discussions, the greater your friendship circle can become.

The more people you invite into this close-knit community, the greater the opportunities there will be to check out whether or not somebody might be up for romance as a couple – or even a threesome.

Perhaps you’ve always had an image in mind of your future relationship with a footballer? Does this fit into the stereotypical notion of a ‘WAG’? For the uninitiated, this acronym refers to ‘wives and girlfriends,’ and there are often lists of the hottest WAGs available for people to refer to – or even seek inspiration from! There has long been a close relationship between romance and football.

With the advent of digital dating services where you can tailor search forms to home in those who are passionate about football, there has never been a better time to explore this aspect of singles dating.