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Adam Lallana – Young Knight Rises


Adam Lallana

In this week’s football scout, we will look into the profile of a promising young midfielder from Southampton.

  • Name: Adam Lallana
  • Squad No: 20
  • Age: 24
  • Birth Date: May 10, 1988
  • Height: 1.73m
  • Weight: 73 kg

2011/2012 Season:

  1. Games Started: 41
  2. Goals: 13
  3. Assists: 11
  4. Total Shots: 78
  5. Shots on target: 47

Impressive stats. He was one of the real key player for Saints last season, helping them to claim the promotion to the top division in English Football. The young midfielder’s dribbling skills and deft touches proved to be so effective in championship. But now can he step up in the top level in English football? A fresh looking Arsenal side waits for him in his premier league debut.


Prediction: If he stays with Southampton (i think he will), he will have a great start but will struggle to keep up with the physical game play of premier league teams. I think he will miss two or three weeks in injury but if he can do what he has done last season in rest of the matches, he will be an instant hit. Personally he will be in bench in my next year’s fantasy team.