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Abou Diaby Back? Arsenal Fans React On Twitter


As Arsene Wenger would describe it, Arsenal have signed a new player. Yes, Abou Diaby is poised to return from the treatment table for the 100000th time in his Arsenal career.

Arsenal’s injury-prone midfielder Abou Diaby talking to the Football.fr, has claimed that he expects to be running again in a month’s time after undergoing surgery to repair his injured knee. The French International is currently recovering in France. However, it is expected that he will not be a part of Arsenal’s first team until at-least the start of 2014.

It was earlier reported that the midfielder will be out of action for at-least nine months and if all goes well, Diaby may play competitive football during the second half of the upcoming season.

Albeit, as an Arsenal fan what do you reckon Arsenal should do with the midfielder? Poised to be the Patrick Viera replacement, Abou Diaby has never attained such heights with the Gunners and is it wise on the management’s part to keep such a player in their ranks bearing in minds the wages that are wasted upon him. These questions have been asked for quite sometime now, but Arsenal have always stuck to his side. Maybe there are no potential buyers out there who would want to buy the world’s most injury havocked player? But Arsenal should try to push a deal with Auxerre, Diaby’s first club as a professional player who may be willing to take him back.

Here are some reactions from Arsenal fans in Twitter:


If that’s not enough, we present you with the complete list of Diaby’s injury.

Calf/Shin Injury 2013 February 23rd
Illness 2013 January 22nd
Thigh Muscle Strain 2012 September 29th
Muscle Injury 2012 September 7th
Calf Muscle Strain 2012 April 28th
Illness 2012 April 23rd
Hamstring Injury 2012 March 29th
Hamstring Injury 2012 March 3rd
Hamstring Injury 2011 November 26th
Ankle/Foot Injury 2011 July 22nd
Calf Muscle Strain 2011 January 2nd
Calf Muscle Strain 2010 December 30th
Ankle/Foot Injury 2010 October 19th
Ankle/Foot Injury 2010 October 4th
Ankle/Foot Injury 2010 September 13th
Calf Muscle Strain 2010 August 11th
Calf Muscle Strain 2010 March 27th
MCL Knee Ligament Injury 2010 February 17th
Calf Muscle Strain 2010 January 20th
Calf Muscle Strain 2009 November 7th
Ankle/Foot Injury 2009 October 10th
Groin Strain 2009 August 12th
Knee Injury 2009 July 27th
Thigh Muscle Strain 2009 April 1st
Calf Muscle Strain 2009 February 24th
Thigh Muscle Strain 2009 January 31st
Abdominal Strain 2008 November 22nd
Thigh Muscle Strain 2008 August 3rd
Thigh Muscle Strain 2008 April 25th
Calf Muscle Strain 2008 March 7th
Calf Muscle Strain 2008 February 8th
Back Injury 2007 November 22nd
Sprained Ankle 2007 August 14th
Concussion 2007 April 20th
Sprained Ankle 2007 February 25th
Knee Injury 2007 February 2nd
Ankle/Foot Injury 2006 May 1st

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