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A Word Of Caution For Brendan Rodgers And Celtic – Do Not Rush Into Transfers Before The UCL Qualifier

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Brendan Rodgers Celtic
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Why Celtic Have To Be Cautious And Not Rush Into Transfers Before Their Champions League Qualifier

Despite their dominance domestically, Celtic know that squad additions are not just necessary but crucial if they are to compete in the Champions League.

Their poor showing in Europe is an irritation to all involved with the club and means that they cannot consider themselves European royalty that they long for, with top spot in Scotland having been guaranteed for the last few years.

Although they lost in Gibraltar last season and rivals Rangers showed just how tricky European qualifiers can be, the fact is that if Celtic have anything about them then they have to back themselves to get through against Linfield of Northern Ireland. So it’s strengthening of the squad ahead of the group stages that really matters.

Jumping into the market too early means spending the budget on players before you know who leaves. As of yet, they may still lose Tierney, Dembele, Armstrong or all three and if that happens, then replacements in those positions would become the priority.

Add to this the fact that some players like Patrick Roberts for example, want to spend pre-season with their parent clubs with a view of impressing such figures as Pep Guardiola. But they may still be available to loan when August ticks around.


Furthermore, should Celtic make it into the group stages of the Champions League again then they will not have to announce their squad for that part of the competition until after the transfer window closes, meaning that they have the full summer window to find the right fit for them in Europe.

Should Celtic qualify, they know they have a bigger income and can go after some more ambitious signings from late August to early September in order to help them in their Champions League quest. Also, should they not qualify, then they don’t need a lot of reinforcements domestically, given that they are so far clear of the rest. So jumping into the market too soon would mean spending money they may not need to.

True, cross town rivals Rangers have been ambitious and busy so far in the summer window but that is because they needed to be. I wouldn’t be surprised if Celtic leave it until next month before conducting any serious business in terms of incomings, though their collective hand will be forced if certain personalities do indeed decide to leave the club in the coming weeks.

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