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A Transfer That Makes Complete Sense For Manchester United

Marouane Fellaini has been one of the top midfielders of the Premier League for this season. He has displayed tremendous power, precision, an eye for goal and tenacity on the field. He has been one of the main reasons for Everton’s impressive showing under Moyes this year. But now with Moyes gone to Manchester United, it is but natural for Fellaini to move to club with more ambition than Everton, a club that can truly provide him with the platform to showcase his talent. It is already being rumoured that Moyes will be trying hard to bring Fellaini to United with him and we list a few reasons why that would be ideal for the club.


Strong attacking midfielder 

Fellaini is best in the attacking midfielder or the second striker role for his team. This season he has started 27 times out of a possible 30 in that position. With Rooney looking for a transfer out, Fellaini should be a perfect fit for United in this role. The lanky Belgian is an enormous physical specimen and United can use his raw physicality to good effect. His long range shots and acute headers make him a constant threat, a characteristic that United have missed in their midfielders for long. Last but not the least; the Fellaini-RVP partnership would be as lethal as it gets, taking the league by storm.

Versatility in the midfield

Although Fellaini plays best in the attacking midfielder’s position, he has started his career as a defensive midfielder and still can switch roles when deemed necessary. He can play in front of the back four with ease and his tackles and interceptions are also accurate enough. Thus, in times of needs he can be an appropriate partner of Carrick, who has been rock solid for United at the deep end, but has severely lacked a dependable partner.

Equation with Moyes

Fellaini is undoubtedly one of the favourite students of Moyes and his equation with the manager will make it a lot easier for the operations to run smoothly. Moyes has always put a lot of faith in him and stood by him through thick and thin. This will be vital for each other to get settled in United and acclimatise to a new environment.

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