A Sudden Global Interest In This Mansfield Town Hottie – Carolyn Radford

Mansfield Town, a club which is competing in England’s conference National competition hosted premier league giants Liverpool in the third round of FA cup. The match ended up in favor of Liverpool with a scoreline of 1-2 to the travelling side. But the match had two major talking points, Luis Suarez’s own goal and one very glamorous CEO of the home team. 

Carolyn Radford a former employee of the fashion industry with the likes of Gucci and Bulgari. She was appointed as the CEO of Mansfield Town back in September 2011 when she was only 29 years old,  becoming the youngest chief executive in English football. Well she was not very popular across the globe of football lovers until she did this particular dance move when her side scored against Liverpool.

mansfield town ceo dancing

The glamorous boss also married club’s wealthy chairman just two weeks after she was appointed as the CEO. 

Carolyn Radford spoke to the press after the game and said that she felt as if an FA Cup replay had been “stolen” from her club by Luis Suarez’s controversial goal.

“I’ve absolutely enjoyed the day but I have to say it is a little bit like it’s been stolen from us. “Whether it’s deliberate or not, I really do feel that it should be sorted out.

“We are a very good side and we put up a sterling effort. We are very proud of ourselves and it’s very unfortunate that referees and officials can’t pick up these things.

“It should be clarified and sorted out as soon as possible because obviously it wasn’t in our favor and we should be going through to a replay at least.”

Here is some of her pictures: 

Carolyn Radford - Mansfield Town CEO
Carolyn Radford – Mansfield Town CEO

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