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A Quick Look at Football Betting In Japan

Gambling in Japan is not something that was recently introduced. If you’ve heard of Pachinko machines, those are Japan’s version of slots with much lower stakes. Similarly, betting is no foreign concept to the Japanese audience. And recently, there’s been hype for football betting. 

A contributing factor for the sudden popularity of the bookmaker online may have something to do with the . This could also be due to Japan’s National team’s latest achievements. We plan to cover all the details today to paint you a picture of the online betting scene in Japan for football.

The Sudden Popularity of Football Betting in Japan

It’s true that Japan is home to many sports, but how did football betting become so popular all of a sudden? The reason behind this boom could be that the Japanese national team caused an upset, scoring two goals against Germany during the recent FIFA World Cup in Qatar. This has stirred up more interest in the sport and football betting across the country.

Sports bettors playing on the different bookmakers for their wagers can expect the following services:

  1. Impressive Coverage

On the betting sites, you will find more than ten different sports on average to place bets on. But it’s most likely that the football section will catch your eye. The coverage for football matches across various sportsbooks can sometimes be in the hundreds. This is not just for pre-match bets. Along with regular wagers, in-play betting is also made available for high-profile matches. 

  1. Popular Betting Markets

To make sure users don’t miss out on any wagering action for football matches, the sportsbooks offer betting markets where most punters frequent. This includes your standard options. You get markets like 1×2 and Over/Under. Since this is Japan, you also get Asian handicaps. 

But you discover more options when you start to dig deeper. Just click on any of the listed matches, and you will get all the alternatives displayed. Some of the ones you may notice are Correct Score, Winning Margin, and Handicap (Corners).

  1. Wagering Features

There are options on the bookmaker sites that allow you to track your current bets for any given day using the bet slip. It usually has a dedicated section on the homepage. And it can come with the option to toggle and view all your betting history. 

If you’ve already considered a sportsbook that you’d like to play at, we recommend you check out a detailed review to learn about the bookmaker firsthand. And remember to practice safe betting no matter what sport you’re betting your money on.