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A Probable Takeover And 2 Other Reasons Why Benitez Will Probably Stay At Newcastle

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Newcastle United manager Rafael Benitez
Newcastle United manager Rafael Benitez
Rafael Benitez

Three Reasons Why Benitez Will Probably Stick With Newcastle United

Newcastle United manager, Rafael Benitez, who was brought in late last season to save the Magpies from relegation, couldn’t quite manage to do so for obvious reasons. But, the Spaniard did the important job of bringing them back into the Premier League this season.

Despite winning the Championship in his first full season and building a Premier League worthy team for this season, reports have indicated that Benitez hasn’t been entirely convinced with the transfers and particularly the owners. Mike Ashley, the owner of the Magpies wasn’t exactly amused by the Spanish manager’s criticism as well.

It seems like there is a bit of tension going on between both parties but that hasn’t seriously affected Newcastle’s season so far, with them amassing 3 wins in 6 games. Rafael Benitez is not just any ordinary manager, he has managed some of the best clubs in Europe in the past and has won major titles, including the Champions League. The combination of Newcastle United and Benitez is one that has plenty of potential if properly backed. Let’s take a look at three reasons why Benitez will stay at Newcastle despite the uncertainty surrounding his future.

Newcastle United manager Rafael Benitez

Probable Takeover

Newcastle United is a club with plenty of history, although it hasn’t seen the same success like it did a few decades ago. They were once a force in the English top tier. There are several reports of Mike Ashley wanting to sell the club and this will only be a good thing for Benitez, who can do a better job with new owners and a healthy influx of cash. Looking at how things are going, Ashley could soon be packing his bags.

Premier League Pedigree

Newcastle United is not the only Premier League side Benitez has managed in his career, the 57-year-old has also been in charge of big clubs like Liverpool and Chelsea in the past. The Spaniard enjoyed plenty of success with both clubs in the past and there is no question of him bringing the same success to the Magpies in the future. Benitez would love to replicate the success or even go one step further with the Magpies.

Family In England

One of the major reasons why Benitez is likely to stay is the fact that he has family in England. After leaving Liverpool in 2008, Benitez’s family settled in the Merseyside and he has two daughters who grew up in England. The 57-year-old would obviously prefer to stay in England than move abroad again.