A Comprehensive Guide to Getting Started as a Bettor

An Introduction to Betting for Beginners

Thousands of people have taken to sports betting, attaching greater popularity to the activity. Many punters can afford to spend Pounds placing bets on different sporting activities because of the winning chances. In the game of sports predictions, enthusiasts lay a wager with an amount of money that they either lose or top-up.

This is how it works in simpler terms – there is a cricket game between two teams. One of the teams is expected to win by a certain margin. As a bettor, you can either predict which teams will win or the margin of win. If the predictions go your way after the match is completed, you go home with your winnings.

The oddsmakers categorize teams in the match into favorites and underdogs. The favorite team on the betting line is predicted to win, while the underdog will lose. An odd will show the likelihood of an event happening and what you could win if those events happen. When an event is unlikely to happen, the odds are high and low when they are likely to happen.

However, for a beginner who is entirely new to the sporting world, there are many things you may not know about placing bets. We shall provide you with a guide to get started and set yourself on the winning path.

How Do I Place a Sports Bet?

You will first predict the winning team by finding an event and outcome to place a bet. Your odds will be displayed on the betting slip. You can predict more than one game on a betting slip, and all the odds will be calculated, and your potential winnings will reflect based on how much you’re willing to put in.

Alternatively, you can bet on different games using different slips, which is a safer option because, with a cumulative bet, the outcome of one game will affect the overall winning potential.

Dos and Don’ts of Sports Betting

To get started on your betting journey, you must know the right steps to take and the ones to avoid. This will help prevent you from making costly mistakes in the short and long term. Certain things you should know as a beginner bettor include:

  • You must bet on a sport that you understand

Sports betting gives bettors chances of winning, but it is essential to have even the tiniest understanding of the sports before placing a bet. You have to understand the game and several that will guide you when working with bookmakers. There are apparent reasons why oddsmakers predict the system; they know the teams and can tell which is more likely to win. As a novice in a particular sporting niche, there must be a grounded knowledge of your preferred sports to be successful.

  • Be consistent with a particular type of wager

There are different wagers, and while some are pretty easy to maneuver, others tend to be a little complex. There’s the point spread wager, Moneyline, handicap betting, totals or over-under, and futures or outrights.

As a beginner, you do not necessarily have to explore all the types of wagers. Oddsmakers offer a variety of options for bettors to choose from. As much as convenience with a particular wager is advised, having fair knowledge of as many as possible is important. This way, a beginner-bettor does not lose out on some profits he should enjoy with other wedges because they are complex.

  • Do not place bets with just any bookmaker

Considering that bookmakers are everywhere in India, knowing who you are placing your bets on is essential. Most preferred, jump on trusted and legally-recognized online sites where you first deposit your wager before the sport. Online bettings have easy, straightforward navigation and encrypted security.

The safety of your money, when entrusted to an online betting bookmarker, is essential. It is of utmost importance that you choose reliable ones to avoid ruining your chances of winning.

  • Get familiar with how odds work

Odds are often referred to as the price of a wager. As we already established, when the odds are high, it suggests that an event is unlikely to occur. When the odds are low, an event is likely to happen. Your odds will help you access the value of your wager. Your wagers are either “odds on” or “odds against,” and understanding how this works is key to understanding your risk when placing a bet.

If your wager is “odds on,” you stand a chance to win a smaller rupee than the amount you staked. However, if you win, you can have access to the money staked, plus the money won. But, it is vital to remember that you are risking a more significant amount to winless. For “odds against,” the money you stand to win is more significant than your stake.


Sports betting is an exciting game that sports enthusiasts engage in by predicting an outcome of their preferred sport. Most importantly, this activity is a risk, and beginners must be very aware and familiar with the sport they choose to stake their rupees. One way to be careful is to bet on a licensed platform like Parimatch, where the security of transactions and access to various games is guaranteed.

Written by Balachandran B

Co-founder & Head of Operations @ SoccerSouls Sports Network. Nick Name: Jin. Favorite Sports team: Arsenal
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