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A Brief Brave Life Of A True Warrior

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This article is all about to remember the brave fought life story of an extraordinary youngster. Before getting into this story, makes sure Football is not only about scoring goals as it is much more apart from than what has been happening on the pitch in the means of spirit, determination, dedication, love, care and whatsoever.

The hero of this story was born at Bergamo, Italy on June, 1986. With the help of high quality dedication and hard work, he gained a spot in the youth academy of Atalanta Football federation. His courage and determination added more and more kudos to his early life in the footballing world.

The disastrous era in his life had started in 2001. When he was just 15, he was about to hear the news of his mother’s death. His destructive life suffered yet another vital blow, two years later. His father’s death made him to move his life with his leprosy-hit brother and disabled sister as his only relations in the world and this happened when he was just 17. Huge responsibilities were mounted on his shoulders to take care of his sister and brother along with a sight on his profession.

In between the period of his mother’s death and of his father’s, he featured for the first time to represent his nation, Italy under the level of U-17’s. From then, he represented his nation under 5 different categories- U-17’s to U-21’s.

Shortly following his father’s death, his disabled brother committed suicide which made his family condition to go very worse. ‘I don’t why these things happening only to me. But it’s the time which makes me angry and enforces me to work in order to accomplish the dreams of my parents where they thought I have to be’, he stated in a press conference following the death of his brother.

In 2005, he signed a contract with Serie A club, Udinese and from then on, he appeared for 5 different clubs on loan. ‘His life has been full of tragedies. But you can’t see a day without smiles on his face. He’s a top lad of top characters’, his Atalanta’s team mate Andrea Lombardo once said in The Times.

The month of April corresponding to the year 2012 arrived. He was playing at Livorno on loan in the 2011-2012 season. On 14th of the April 2012, Livorno were leading, 2-0 at Pescara when that horrible collapse took place. On 31 minutes, he fell in the pitch as the result of cardiac arrest. He was announced dead later in the hospital. A hard fought courageous brave life came to an end at the age of just 25.

Following the hero’s death, all the matches in Italy of that weekend were called off as a symbol of respect to be paid to the 25-year old midfielder. Antonio Di Natale, the Udinese captain announced that he would be financially taking care of his handicapped sister, the only sustained member of that family, through-out her entire life. ‘His disabled sister was definitely in need of some help and me and my club wouldn’t let her down’, promised, the Udinese legend.

And by now, I guess you would have obviously found the character whom I had mentioned as ‘HE’ through-out the paragraphs.



Morosini had faced dozens of hurdles in his each and every steps of his short life, but none of the hurdle stopped his dream of becoming a professional footballer. Morosini is a perfect role model for the youngsters whose ambitions had been struck owing to disastrous hurdles.

‘Morosini’s death thought me the value of life’, said the former Italy U-21 teammate of Morosini, Balotelli.


Kudos to Di Natale.