91.5% Pass Accuracy – 3 Good Reasons Why Liverpool Should Sign This Brazilian Defender

Liverpool need a number of players in their squad to make them cross the hurdles of the Champions League and among them the centre back position is one of the most vital. They have already targeted a few players in the likes of Dejan Lovern, all of whom are relatively young and  have a lot of playing years in front of them. But Liverpool are also being linked with the Brazilian Dante who currently plies his trade at Bayern Munich. While it is understandable that the young players fit well with the Liverpool model and they are in tandem with their transfer policy, at first glance it is hard to understand why Liverpool would go for another senior player, especially when the experiment of Kolo Toure failed miserably last season. But Dante can be a useful member of the squad and help Liverpool get the defensive rigidity and we provide three reasons to justify our demand.


1. Experienced campaigner

Dante is 30 years old and has seen a lot in his career. He has achieved the peak of success and put his hands on a number of trophies throughout his career. He has been part of the Bayern Munich squad, which has won practically everything in club football for the past couple of years and reached the peak in world football. Considering these factors, Dante can be an useful player in a team which has too many players who are still in their early stages of their career and are prone to making mistakes. Experience is one thing which is lacking in the Liverpool team and there are not too many players who know how the Champions League nights feel like. Having such a player at the centre of the defence is not a bad proposition for Liverpool. Last season, the defender has scored 2 goals in Bundesliga and also has an impressive pass accuracy of 91.5 %.

Written by Dinesh V

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