9 Year old Australian to join Barcelona

With people keen to know where RVP would head ? Will Andy carroll return to his old team ? the Spanish team Barcelona had recruited a 9 year old australian, who had attended a training camp with spurs in australia.

Zak Gilsenan, has been offered a contract to trial with the spanish giant. He stood tall in a holiday camp conducted by English Premier League Tottenham in Australia, which was spotted by barcelona.

Zak made an impressive start scoring 7 goals in one match given a chance in Barcelona’s FCBE Academy.It should be noted that FCBE Academy produced players like Messi and Iniesta.

It has been informed my Zak’s father that they had intention to send Zak to join spurs as they returned home after the coaching camp held by spurs in Australia. But in the mean time we had an offer from Barcelona.

Well ! Young Lad. Long way to go ! Hats off to team Barca !

Written by Dinesh V

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