£7m For A 15-year Old? Who Is This Youngster That Liverpool And Chelsea Are After?

Sergio Gomez1

Liverpool and Chelsea are in the race to sign one of the most talented players in Barcelona’s La Masia. Known for producing the best young players in the world, La Masia might be losing out one more player to an English club as Liverpool have reportedly offered Sergio Gomez an incredible deal to join the English giants.

It isn’t just Liverpool who are after the talented player with Chelsea also offering a similar offer to the youngster in hopes that he does sign for the club. Sergio has not been offered a new contract by Barcelona and could walk away for free when he turns 16.

Barcelona have had a habit of losing out on top talent to other clubs who provide them with lucrative offers, Cesc Fabregas is the best example of such situations and Sergio Gomez could well be the next starlet that leaves the Catalan giants due to a lack of a proper contract.

The La Liga club are reported to be doing their best to keep the youngster in the team but cannot match the lucrative offers of the other clubs due to their limited financial capabilities, even though they are one of the biggest clubs in the world, they still struggle to pay salaries which match the top clubs in the world for their younger players.

Sergio Gomez 2

Gomez is known for his attacking capabilities and plays both in midfield and as a winger. His versatility will obviously be one of the most important features for his development and the Reds have been linked with the Spaniard for a number of months, especially after his incredible performance against the Liverpool side in a tournament in the UAE.

The biggest problem could be the fact that many other top clubs are after the youngster and the bidding war could turn his head to another club. He still hasn’t hit 18 years, which means his development is still to continue but he could be in great hands if he does move to Liverpool.

The Premier League side have been known to give a lot of opportunities to youngsters and the Barcelona starlet could be another player looking to get a shot at playing for the first team. He still has a couple of years of development left in him but that could come to naught if he does perform for the youth team of the club.

It will be interesting to see just which club does sign him but Gomez could turn out to be a great player for the future.

Written by Kevin Harrison

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