72 Interceptions, 112 Clearances – Stats Show This Manchester United Man Is Actually Better Than Barcelona’s Superstar

Daley Blind

Daley Blind has been a key player for Manchester United this season. Naturally a left back, he turned himself into a center back for the team and my god how he has improved. Criticized for being out powered physically by the opponents and also for his aerial abilities, but the player is improving; improving game after game. He has formed a great partnership with his fellow center back Chris Smalling and both are doing a great job to keep their side in the top half of the league.

On the other hand, we have the Argentine player Javier Mascherano who is more of a defensive midfielder but his abilities and versatility; he plays almost exclusively as a central defender. Mascherano alongside Pique is the first choice defenders for Barcelona and is doing an exceptional job. He has that physical strength that Blind lacks and has that aggression to play as a defender. Joined Barcelona from Liverpool in 2010 and didn’t have a great start to his Catalan career. The Argentine spent the first half of the season mainly coming off from the bench but for the latter part playing out of position in a center back role. On 28 May 2011, Mascherano started alongside Gerard Piqué in the UEFA Champions League Final against Manchester United and won the game. Since then, Mascherano has been played at the center back position.

Here will be comparing both the center backs and will try to figure it out that who amongst both had a better season-

Blind Vs Mascherano-

Daley Blind has appeared 32 times for his side in which he played 29 full games and has been substituted 3 times. Mascherano, on the other hand, has appeared 28 times for the club and has played 23 full games, 1 as a substitute and played 2 in which he was snubbed off. In their number of appearances for the club, Blind has scored 1 goal so far whereas, Mascherano has been unable to score any.

Mascherano possesses 33% of shooting accuracy and Blind possesses 100%. Blind has been named as the man of the match for 4 times this season and also has been named as the top man in the team for 5 times. Mascherano, on the other hand, has no such record to show for this season. Mascherano has created 8 chances this season for the club but has no assist to his name. However, Blind has created 20 chances this season and has 1 assist to his name.

Mascherano has an average passing accuracy of 90% and has completed 1599 passes this season in the league and Blind, on the other hand, has an average passing accuracy of 83% and has completed 1489 passes. Both average the same number of their passing length and that is 22m, where Mascherano has completed 40 long balls and Blind, has completed 39 long balls.

Mascherano out numbers Blind when we talk about the average of duels won. Mascherano has won 55% of his duels and also has been successful in his 30 out of 50 headed duels. He has committed 39 fouls and has won 9 out of his 10 individual take ons. Blind has won 47% of his duels and has been successful in his 32 out of 81 headed duels. He has committed 38 fouls and has won 15 out of his 19 individual take ons.


Mascherano has won 50 tackles this season with a success rate of 50%. He has made 63 interceptions, 55 clearances and 14 blocks. Blind, on the other hand, has won 65 tackles this season with a success rate of 51%. He has made 72 interceptions, 112 clearances and 18 blocks.

Blind averages at least 6 defensive actions per game including blocks, interceptions and clearances.

Well, no one would have expected what we are about to conclude, but the Dutch captain Daley Blind has won the contest against the Argentine Javier Mascherano somehow and that too, both, offensively and defensively.

Stats via Squawka

Written by Swapnil Bhopatkar

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