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7 Famous Footballers Who Play Poker for Real Money in 2022

When you are part of the biggest team in a game with fans worldwide, you may not have much free time to frequent casinos.

Still, that hasn’t stopped some of the best-known soccer stars from taking cash winnings in poker, whether at online casinos or land-based gaming houses. 

Suppose you have been thinking of participating in the main Pokerstars tournaments that take place virtually. In that case, you may be inspired to know some of the best professional footballers are gamers, too.

You could even get the chance to bet at the largest online poker room geared for players. The game’s distinctive feature is that you can play for real money like many football players do.  It is easy to reviews, and start the gambling adventure right away just like the following football players did.

Gerard Pique (Spain)

This famous football player has worked with one of the top football leagues, and he also cools it down with some Poker world games when free.

This casino poker player, currently attached to FC Barcelona, was at the European Poker Tour (EPT) in 2011, 2013, 2016, and 2019, with his best performance being 2nd place after making €352,950 in winnings. 

Asked in 2016 why he likes it, Pique said, “you know how to play, but you never know what the cards will be, so you have to adapt to each situation.” This sounds like what real money gamers experience when they have to learn the strategies to make bank.

To win like Pique, one needs a site with various choices, preferably one where they can start with demos before engaging in wagering, and it definitely has to be a real money casino. 

Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal) 

This Manchester United forward, who has also been a striker, does a bit of gambling on the side. He says that although he loves soccer, poker has always been his thing, and he looks forward to getting into it more at casino sites and live poker tables to play for real money.

Ronaldo has been spotted at casinos playing against his friends Patrik Antonius and Daniel Cates, and he is known to give out what he wins to charity. Gamers probably have a shot at meeting the legend at the most famous casino in the world and even playing against him for a good cause. This gives one even more reason to check out the demos from the best-known software providers. 

Gianluigi Buffon (Italy)  

You know you are doing great when you are invited to Pokerstars at the table with Daniel Negreanu and Chris Moneymaker, which happened to Buffon in 2010. He has since raised the status of his online skills and is a constant figure at Pokerstars. He has been spotted at the online and realtime European Poker Tour a few times as well as playing for real money in different casinos worldwide. 

Neymar Jr. (Brazil) 

Neymar’s soccer career is well known as he is one of the best, but his triumphs at real money poker may have been a little less public until recently. He participated in the Brazil Series of Poker, took 6th place in 2018 and walked away with a cool $21,072. In the 2022 World Series of Poker (WSOP) event, he was knocked out on day 1 but still managed to make some bank. 

Teddy Sherringham (England) 

This well-loved baller spends time playing poker for real money after his 2008 retirement, and his all-time take-home from the events is $329,475. He finished 14th in the 2009 £10,000 WSOPE, won $66,738, and has participated in even more since then. Sherringham played for Man U, Tottenham Hotspur, and Westham in the Premier League during his day. 

Tony Cascarino (Eire)  

Cascarino, a former star for British and French clubs, now plays poker seriously and without limit and has even turned into a semi-pro. In his book, Full Time: The Secret Life of Tony Cascarino”, he talks in detail about his gambling for real money escapades. His most notable achievement was the Grosvenor UK poker tour event when he lasted longer than anyone else and won $283,412. 

Jan Vang Sørensen  

Sørensen’s football career is not as decorated as his current pursuit of stardom in the poker scene, where he is winning big playing for real money. He has participated in various EPTs and won reasonable sums of money, and now those that loved him in stadiums have a chance to cheer him on something new. Sørensen ended his footballing escapades at 30 due to a knee injury. 

Where do Football Players Play? 

The players enjoy various land-based and online casinos, especially now with the increased numbers of verified sites. Poker tournaments held virtually are also frequented by them. Taking part in them makes it even more competitive for the players, and these stars get the privacy they need since no one noses around what they do inside their homes. 

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Football stars, especially those with illustrious careers, may not need the money, so they may be doing this for fun and charity. It’s always great seeing them excelling at other things other than what they are known for, and it may even push their supporters playing poker to want to pursue the game more. Who knows, you may meet at a world poker tour final tournament if your skills are up to par. If you are considering doing so, turn to our recommendations and pay you attention to Yukon Gold Casino.