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69% Shot Accuracy – Should This La Decima Winner Join Arsenal This Summer?

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This transfer season the strikers are in great demand as many of the teams need quality strikers to bolster their attack. And there are not too many strikers left in the market who show potential and promises to have a bright future. One of them is certainly Alvaro Morata of Real Madrid and thus it is no surprise that many top clubs are after his services. Among them the most prominent interests are from Tottenham Hotspur and Arsenal.


Arsenal have spent this season with Olivier Giroud as their lone forward and that can be one of the main reasons that their challenge to the title was cut short. They lacked the bench strength and even Giroud proved to be inadequate. Arsene Wenger would certainly go for an experienced striker once the window opens and there are some names which are making the rounds. But along with that, Arsenal would also need forwards who could be used at times of needs and to cope up with the additional pressure of matches.

Tottenham, on their behalf, thought that they had spent the money they received from Bale wisely. One of the first names to join Spurs last season was Roberto Soldado and there were much expectations on him. But the case turned out to be different and Soldado proved ineffective in English football. So bad was his form that Tim Sherwood was forced to drop him and give chances to Emanuel Adebayor, who made some kind of impact since his return. Thus, the need in Spurs for a decent striker is high and Morata fits the bill perfectly.

21 year old Morata has managed to have 23 appearances in the league this season, in a side filled with Ronaldos and Bales. This speaks high volume and his talent that Ancelotti has spotted. He has also scored eight times and provided Real with options in times of injuries to Bale and Jese.

He has shown good composure for a player of such a young age and this has helped him connect well with the senior members of the squad. His vision and pace can be an asset for any team and both the aforementioned clubs would be more than glad to use that.

Morata has also won 52% of the average duels that he has committed to and that shows the physicality that he commands. This would be vital for him in the Premier League, where the physical aspect of the game is much more tested that it is in Spain.

Morata has a shot accuracy of 69%, which needs improvement, but for a 21 year old can be called as decent. His pass accuracy is also stuck at 69%, a figure set to improve under the able hands of Arsene Wenger if he makes the move to Arsenal.

Real Madrid would never want to lose a player of Morata’s calibre from their ranks, but if they receive a lucrative offer, we may soon witness him playing in the Premier League.