68% Aerial Duels Won, 41% Interceptions – Stats Show This Tottenham Star Is Marginally Better Than His Arsenal Counterpart

There have been a lot of fights for the title this season, in which some ‘Unexpected’ teams have been performing remarkably well. The side who finished 14th on the table in the 2014-15 season are fighting for the top honours in this season whereas the team finished as the champions are struggling to qualify for Europe.

Tottenham are one of those ‘Unexpected’ title contenders who have out muscled many giants in the league this season. The players have been performing like some real heroes for the manager. From the sticks to the attack, from Lloris to Kane every player has played a major role for Pochettino. The manager has moulded the squad in a way that they can compete in the bigger competitions and can give a head to head

One of the main man for the Spur’s side in this season is Kyle Walker, the English full-back. Despite Trippier’s impressive form this season, Walker has been the first-choice full-back for Pochettino in most of the bigger games. The player has appeared in 29 games for the London side in all competition in where he has been substituted just once.

On the other hand, we have the Barcelona-born defender Hector Bellerin. One of the fastest players in the premier league, this player has used this attribute to cement his position in the first team for the Gunners. The player has developed rapidly and thanks to the Gunner’s boss Arsene Wenger for giving him the playing time he deserves. This season, he has been the first choice right back for the team and has proved everyone why he deserves to be in the place.

Both the player have performed exceptionally well for their respective teams. That would be a difficult task to separate both the full backs but, using some statistics we would try to figure it out that who amongst both has had a better season.

Walker vs Bellerin-

Hector Bellerin has made 29 appearances in the premier league for the club this season, thanks to his fitness whereas Walker has made 27 appearances in the premier league for his side. Both the players are quick in terms of making the forward run during the time of attacks and, on the other hand, have defended very strongly whenever needed.

Talking in terms of the shots taken by the players, Bellerin has the shot accuracy of 60% and on the other hand, Walker overpowers the Gunner with a shooting accuracy of 64%. The young Spanish has had 3 shots on target in his 29 appearances for the club. Furthermore, Walker who has the more experience of the Premier League has 7 shots on target in this season. But all in all, both have scored just 1 goals for the team this season in the premier league.

Both the players share the same number in terms of Average Duels Won per game i.e 54%. Walker, on the other hand, has outmuscled Bellerin in terms of the aerial battles where the Englishman had the success rate of 68% against 52% of Bellerin. Walker in terms of tackling and have a success rate of 56% in contrast to that of Bellerin’s  53%. The Spanish, however, commits fewer fouls than the Tottenham’s player.

Talking in terms of creating chances, Bellerin who has created 19 chances for his team lags behind Walker who had created 27 chances. The Spanish star, however, won the battle of assists very marginally by having 4 assists to his name whereas Walker who has just 3 assists till date. Kyle Walker has delivered 24 numbers of key passes in his 27 appearances for the club and Bellerin has 15.

Bellerin being a Spanish blood out muscled Walker in term of his passing accuracy to a greater extent. On the other hand, Walker has been able to make just 78% of passes accurate. 1131 against 819, surely a Spanish trait.

Last but not the least,  Bellerin averages 5 defensive actions per game and Walker averages 7.  In terms of interceptions, Walker has a great number i.e 41% and Bellerin averages just 45%. Walker has been a better tackler compared to the young Spanish gun but has conceded 4 defensive errors in this season and Bellerin has none.

Both players are young, talented and have a desire to achieve something big. Walker has experience and Bellerin has his entire career to show for. Both the players have their respective attributes which their clubs can use in the big games. Considering all the mentioned points, Walker has outmuscled Bellerin in most of the departments but by a very minute margin. But a win is a win, no matter how or by how many. Kyle Walker is the winner here.



Written by Swapnil Bhopatkar

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