6 Bizzare Things Eto and Ibrahimovic Can Buy With Their Current Wages


Things you can buy if you are Zlatan or Eto


The biggest move this summer was the transfer of  Zlatan Ibrahimovic, from Milan to PSG. The transfer saw the French club pay  €20 million initially which would increase depending on the players performance. That is not the main talking point here, its the Swede’s salary that gives a shock to a normal person earning perhaps an yearly sum of what  Zlatan earns in a day. Ibrahimovic will receive a staggering €14 million a year after tax for a year. – a record-breaking sum for French football.

The French government is currently on the verge of introducing a new tax policy, by which, if a person earns more than €1 million a year then he has to pay 75% of his earnings to the Government. If this comes into existence then, PSG would have to ship in  €80 million, just to pay for the wages and taxes of Ibrahimovic which is almost 80 % of what the French club earns a year.

Well if that is shocking, then have a look at Eto’s salary:

Samuel Eto’o annual salary is about €20 million a year, €6 million more than Ibrahimovic. The Cameron International, who is currently playing his trade with Russian big shots Anzhi Makhachkala is the highest paid footballer in the planet. Not even Messi and Ronaldo are remotely close to the Cameroonian. Here is the salary breakdown of Eto:

Salary Per month – £1,458,333
Per week – £364,583
Per day – £52,083
Per hour – £2,170
Per minute – £36,16
Per second – £0.60

Which means Eto can roughly buy a Mars candy every second.

With a combined salary of €35 Million a year, here is a list of hypothetical ideas that can be done:

  • Why do u need to buy a player for a staggering amount of money just to win trophies when u can grow academy player in your backyard. One of most successful English youth academy is West ham’s academy with an annual budget of around €1.7 Million a year. The academy can be run for 20 years with the players one year salary.
  • With €35 Million a year, you can buy an Indian football club within 18 months.
  • The world’s fastest car Bugatti Veyron can be bought 25 times.
  • The world’s most luxuries place to live, the palm Islands in Dubai, not just 1 but 5 of those Villas can be bought.
  • Coming back to football, even one of the world’s best footballing academy, Barcelona’s La Masia can be run for 3 years with €35.
  • Zlatan’s former home ground San Siro, one of the best footballing stadium in the world can be built in less than 2 years with the combined salaries of the players.

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