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5 Worst Hairstyles By Footballers In 2016 – Featuring World’s Best Attacking Duo

This is what your daughter looks like when you take her on holiday at the age of five but Andy Carroll is trying to amend the trend

Now that most football tournaments are on a break, we might as well do the same and take a step back from all that constant analysis and breakdowns of everything that happens in the best league in the world.

So, now that we have the time during this holiday break, it’s time to sit down and discuss matters with our beloved ones, and we can use this occasion to talk about the things we often don’t because we’re focused on what happens on the pitch and not off it.

It’s always shocking when you turn on the TV and a random guy pops on your screen in the spot that a different player should be, and it often takes a little bit of time to figure out the fact that that newcomer is, in fact, the player you never thought he’d be because of that awful new look he decided to feature.

So, let’s take a look at the 5 worst hairstyles of the years by footballers, as some guys made just horrific mistakes over the course of the season and we just can’t let that be overlooked anymore.

Mats Hummels

Image result for mats hummels blonde 2016

Hummels shocked his fans by bleaching his hair during this season, and it took some time to even realise that this guy was, in fact, the same Matt Hummels we all knew. It’s hard to figure why he did this at all, or why did he turn his hair yellow after he left Borussia Dortmund, where it could be a better fit.

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