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5 Underrated Football Players you should know about in 2022

Our lives are always focused on the shiniest object or people of our choice. Ideally, this is why we are always familiar with the common football players but fail to recognize some of the more popular ones available around us.

What you need to realize is the fact that underrated football players are like the . You won’t know about their worth until you use them or in this case, know about them.

This article will dive into the top underrated football players of all time.

Winston Reid

Winston Reid

Reid is one of the most popular players currently crowned with the Hammer of the Year last season. His win against Tottenham Hotspur was hands down one of the biggest wins that they have witnessed around. The reason why this player hasn’t gotten widespread popularity is that he plays his rounds of international football for New Zealand. However, with years, you could very well see him in the big crowd.

Christoph Kramer

Just at the age of 22, Kramer has managed to shine through with his football skills. He plays for Borussia Monchengladbach as the centre midfielder. However, don’t underestimate his skills because he is soon going to shine through in international football leagues. He has the second-highest pass completion percentage in the team that he plays for.

Carlos Bacca

Although a little older than the previous two, Bacca deserves an honorary mention in the list without any second thoughts. He scored 27 goals just in the last season. So, think that if they didn’t have scouts in Colombia, his talent would have been buried deep down and we wouldn’t even know about his existence and his immaculate skills. He has scored one goal against Real Madrid while supporting in on two assists in just the last few games.

Jonathan Schmid

This 23-year old footballer is taking the world up by a storm and for all the right reasons. Besides his kicks and his scores, his cross-completion percentage is to die for. His growth is quite at a growing pace at this point. But, soon enough, this underrated footballer playing for Freiburg RW won’t be an underrated one anymore.

Keylor Navas

The last on the list is Keylor Navas, who is the only goalkeeper with 50 saves along with 6 clean sheets. Sounds like a pretty amazing dream, doesn’t it? Nevas currently plays for Levante GK, he is also known for his saves against Barcelona, taking him on the big picture with the bigger goalkeepers in the game. Although he is still playing at a mid-tier level, it won’t be soon before he is swooped away by bigger teams and opportunists.

If you are getting more into football and want to explore the hidden side of the sport, we’d recommend you look into all of these underrated footballers and so many more that are doing an amazing job that most of us aren’t even talking about. It won’t be soon since they take a front seat in the game.