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5 tips for beginners before betting on football

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Betting on football is very popular in the UK, but not everyone knows how to get started.

It can be rather overwhelming when people start out browsing for bets at UK online sportsbooks given there are often hundreds of bets to pick from for a typical match in the Premier League.

As well as simple match odds markets, users can now bet on the number of cards that are shown, as well as how many corners teams win, if a player gets an assist and so much more.

Newcomers who lack confidence and experience might be put off by the amount of choice on offer, so we have put together five tips for beginners to follow before you start betting on football.

Understand the basics

It sounds obvious to say, but the first thing to do is to make sure that you understand the basics.

Placing wagers requires a base level of knowledge about odds, how they work and how they are calculated. Without this information, people are essentially flying blind when betting.

When betting on football, it is also important to know about the various rules that are involved. For example, in a cup match a bet on the match result will likely be settled after 90 minutes.

This means that if the game is a draw, a bet on the winning team will not be profitable in the event that they need a period of extra time, or perhaps even penalties, in order to win the tie.

Odds can be challenging for newcomers to betting to get their head around. However, once it clicks, people will find that they have a natural understanding of the various types of prices.

Some football fans might prefer to change the odds format from fractional to decimal, as this might make it clearer whether or not a bet represents good value – but more on that later.

Use free bets and bonuses

One of the best things about being new to football betting is the huge number of and bonuses that are up for grabs. Top UK betting sites have so much competition with each other that the welcome bonuses they offer typically include large free football bets for new users.

Existing customers can also earn further free football bets by joining a rewards club. Many leading online betting sites in the UK give out free football bets on a weekly basis these days.

Reload bonuses for further deposits are widely available too, so even those who would prefer not to spend a lot of money have the chance to enjoy a bit of fun when betting on football.

Set a betting budget

Among the most important pieces of advice for anyone new to betting is to have a set budget in mind for how much you want to spend. Most people treat football betting as a fun hobby and this is a better way to approach it, rather than hoping it is going to be a way to make some money.

As a result, having a betting budget each week or month can be a very wise decision. It will help people to stay in control of their gambling and ensure they do not spend more than they want to. All of the top online betting sites in the UK these days have a responsible gambling policy too.

Users are advised to set a deposit limit – this means deciding the amount of money they want to be able to add to their betting account – for either a weekly or a monthly period. As we noted above, there are plenty of free football bets on offer to help bump up a betting budget.

Find the best value

Newcomers to UK football betting will find it is a good idea to join multiple betting sites for a few reasons, one of which is that it will allow them to find the best value that is on offer more easily.

Odds for the same bet can differ by a surprising amount across different online sportsbooks. Even a small difference in the price up for grabs on a football bet can make a significant amount of difference in the potential profit that is on the table if the bet turns out to be a winning wager.

Finding the best value does not have to be a big time commitment either. Odds comparison websites make it simple to check the prices across various online betting sites in an instant.

Research, research, research

There are no shortcuts to success when it comes to betting on football. But just as in most areas of life, the more research that people are willing to do, the more likely they will come out on top.

Researching football bets does not have to be strenuous or boring either. Even spending a few minutes browsing the day’s football news can help to build a picture of what bets are worth it. After all, bookies are not setting their prices blindly – they are also carrying out lots of research.

Nowadays, there is also a huge amount of data out there in the football world. Statistics such as expected goals – usually known as xG for short – are widely accepted by football fans as offering a sign of a team’s performance rather than the bare results they have, or the league table.

Not everyone is interested in poring over the numbers, but researching football bets can also involve checking out the historic head-to-head record of two teams ahead of a fixture. Some sides are known for having a ‘bogey team’ and tend to struggle when they face them in a game.

Overall, the most important thing for all newcomers to keep in mind when it comes to starting out when betting out football is this: remember that it is supposed to be fun, and treat it as such!