5 Things To Expect From Liverpool Next Season – No Suarez No Party, Amazing UCL Nights Will Be Back

3. The gradual marginalization of Steven Gerrard


Brendan Rodgers is one of the smartest managers around, even one of the toughest characters. He would be wary of Steven Gerrard’s advancing years, and as much as he likes to praise him and his longevity, he clearly knows that Gerrard’s legs won’t hold him for long. And for a player who isn’t known for being error-free, Gerrard’s position as a holding midfielder could cause more worries to Rodgers. Gerrard held his own against the lesser lights in his new position last season, but was found wanting against the bigger teams like Manchester City and Chelsea. Rodgers could strategically phase the England captain out of the team like he did with Jamie Carragher.


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