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5 Things That Jurgen Klopp Has Changed At Liverpool: The Confidence Is Back

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While one manager moving from the Bundesliga to the EPL has really caught the fancy of many Manchester fans, there already was someone who did the jump across from Germany to England early on in the season. Jurgen Klopp ended his sabbatical from management after leaving Borussia Dortmund last season and signed up with Liverpool who parted ways with Brendan Rodgers.

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Many would remember that FSG had spoken to the German while he was at Dortmund but he was committed to the Bundesliga side and didn’t want to move to Merseyside. Liverpool though finally have their man and he has been brought in to overhaul a side that overachieved in one season and was brought back down to earth in the last season.

Klopp though isn’t one to wait till his signings come in the summer transfer window and has already started to work hard on the team. Unfortunately for the German, Liverpool have been involved in three cup competitions so far in this season and are alive in each of them. This means that he gets less time to work with the team and has to prepare for match days even more.

Nevertheless in such a short period of time, he still has done a lot at the club and we highlight the five changes he has brought at Anfield.

  1. Gegenpressing is here

Everyone wanted to know how Liverpool would suit to Klopp’s famed ‘Gegenpressing’ style of football and it has been an ok transition so far. In some games it has worked wonders such as the matches against Manchester City, Chelsea, Arsenal and Southampton but in a few it has fallen flat. Liverpool are still a work in progress but there are some positive signs and when Klopp gets a full summer to work with his team, this philosophy should work better.

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