5 Talking Points Why Cristiano Ronaldo Should Stay With Real Madrid And Forget The Manchester United Rumours

Ronaldo did it again

The legendary Portuguese football icon, Cristiano Ronaldo, has undergone a run of misfiring performances lately. Recent critics discloses the apprehensive situation of the club supporters and fanatics across the globe. Sanely, gossips from Spanish outlets fancies an appalling departure of the three time Ballon d’Or winner from the Spanish capital. Misfortune piled up over the wizard and the club as well with rumours linking the star with his former club, Manchester United. So nothing to surprise about if things turn out in astounding ways, when such a hard worker receives no such backings at crucial times. But amidst critics and speculations about him ending his spell at Madrid, here are 5 talking points why Cristiano Ronaldo should pursue his career with the Spanish Giants.

  • United switch: Stark rumours link the attacker with Manchester United. Ronaldo’s notable achievements at Madrid includes that of a brace of Ballon d’Or and UEFA Champions League title. The key cause for such records is his spellbinding tenure in English Premier League [often referred the best league in the world] where he dribbled and scored past almost every top defender and goalie as well. Sooner or later, Ronaldo wouldn’t resist a move to Old Trafford if things go beyond control. But the menacing threat is that if he switch to his former side, the danger in deterioration of his form might still pile up leading to agony. Premier League is where players fight for consistency and to emerge on top. Remember the famous transfers from overseas.. Radamel Falcao, Angel di Maria, Mario Balotelli, Mesut Ozil!??

Alright, so Cristiano declines Manchester United offer. What if he prefers a switch to French Ligue or German Bundesliga?! Highly impossible, though..  

  • A rare move:  Here, both in Ligue 1 and in Bundesliga he might face a fat chance of competence and the odds to attain his fine goal scoring spree would be possibly high. But patently a genuine, intimate football world would resist that! So it is La Liga where he ran out of his old class and coherently it’s where he should rise above the hates and transform the ill gossips to rave about.

Imagine a Peter Drury commentary on ESPN, if Ronaldo moves to Manchester United and they walk out in remorse after a humiliation from Chelsea.

” Oh yeah! The old boy’s career days are numbered. Former united lad getting nowhere up to the mark. Maybe he can’t afford more in his 30’s”

 What if the Ligue 1 commentator on TEN SPORTS confesses when Ronaldo’s new side Paris saint.Germain drubs Toulouse.

” Finally the Portuguese attacker regained his lost figure and begins to reshape. That’s how he manage to sort it out after Zlatan assisting twice. Bonus bucks assured .”

And at last, how would a Spanish commentator respond when Cristiano shot in a 40 yard missile to blast past Claudio Bravo in the next ‘el Clasico’?

“Golazo .. Golazo…Golazooooo…. Here he comes.. the man to watch out for has yet again outclassed with an outrageous goal. This chap silenced the boos encircling him since last season. That’s how he endured pain and shot a re-birth ”   

  • Personal feat: With personal records and stats into consideration, Real Madrid CF is the only club where he can afford to fancy any thought of registering his marks in the elegant history of football. And he would run out of such reckoning if his feet depart from Madrid. Ageing 30+, chances of accustoming to new teammates and tactics sounds out of the question.

All the superstar need is to pursue his astounding scoring run yet again  with a feasible fortune.

It could fairly turn out into a 4=4 in the Ballon d’Or boxing contest!

  • Fanatics for sale: Any die hard Madridista wouldn’t obviously tolerate when their former galactico score in Santiago Bernabeu. Incredibly in the case of Ronaldo too. Just like he remained calm without celebrating the match-turning goal against Manchester United in Champions League quarters a couple of years ago, what if he once do that to his passionate and ardent los blancos supporters [Plastic supporters are unconsidered]. So Ronaldo ought to consider his loyal supporters, at least to glue his feet to the Spanish capital.

 A convincing and sentimental aspect to adhere Ronaldo with Real Madrid! 

  • White might: Despite being the last talking point, the current one should be considered the foremost among the pre-said. The genuine football world knows the intangible feel for a player to retire in a Real Madrid shirt.

“When you put on this shirt, you know that you’ve arrived at the very top. There is no greater honour.” – Sergio Ramos.

And it is a no denying fact that one acquires the topmost fame at this elegant club. Stars such as David Beckham, Xabi Alonso missed a chance of a lifetime, but still regarded for their sheer services. So Cristiano Ronaldo has got a few more years to steer his splendid run on his boots and a retirement under white collars is what we expect with massive hopes.

Having bagged several honors to his fame and club as well, Cristiano Ronaldo will fight against the grain to step up higher. A bad past is always spelled by a glistening future.


Written by Dinesh V

Co-founder of Soccersouls. Living a start-up life 24/7
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