5 Simple Ways to Avoid Your Sports Gambling Account Being Closed or Restricted

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Are you worried about the many cases of punters complaining their accounts are becoming restricted or closed? Online betting agents are in the business of making a profit from punters. They can set a limit on a betting account if they suspect arbitrage or abuse of any bonus. However, that’s not the only reason. If you happen to be a successful punter, there are chances you’ve had one of your accounts getting limited. Are you looking for ways to avoid having your sports betting account limited? Below are some ways to prevent such a predicament;

  1. Use multiple betting sites

There are millions of betting websites online, including sbobet88. You ought to spread your wages across various gambling sites. It would mean you’ll have less attention drawn to your account by a single gambling website. You must ensure you choose a legitimate gambling site to sign up.

  • Avoid getting tagged as a bonus abuser

It’s accessible to getting lured in by the numerous bonuses provided by gambling sites. However, you must note that bonus abuse is on the rise. Some punters don’t want to open a gambling account genuinely. They are only after the bonus awarded in various gambling sites.

You can acquire a lot of extra value through these bonuses without taking unreasonable advantage of them. You must avoid depositing more than what gets required in the initial free bet.

  • Bet round numbers

If you are wagering on any sport using exact numbers, there are chances you will get tagged as an Arber. Most online bookies detest Arbors. It’s because they always want to attract punters who randomly take spontaneous punts. These are punters who traditionally lose cash hand over fist.

However, arbitraging suggests that a punter is out to milk the bookies. However, if you are arbitraging, you need to use a calculation software which works out rounded stakes.

  • Rest winning accounts in favor of losing ones

You ought to keep a detailed record of each betting account’s profit as well as losses. Later you need to rotate your sports bets to balance them.

You must track how your bets are performing each time. You will have an easy time seeing where you’ve lost your cash with a particular bookie. Thus, you can take action to change your betting strategies.

  • Place bets on high turnover markets

You might get advice to replicate mug punters while staking bets. You must have small chances around various sports, markets as well as some online casino games. If you make money through betting regularly, you can try to spend it to keep the account open. 


When you are betting on various websites, including sbobet88, you need to use e-wallets to minimize charges for the bookies. Credit/debit cards have a higher transaction cost fee. Spend a little extra money to remain an attractive client. Some times placing a sucker bet on parlays as well as accumulators would deflect suspicions on your account. However, don’t lose too much as it will defeat the entire purpose of online gambling.