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5 reasons why the Three Lions will roar louder in the round of sixteen

Football is coming home for England in the round of the last sixteen as they will be playing on home soil in the finals of the UEFA EURO 2021.

This is considered a memorable occasion as it is the first time that they play a major tournament on their home turf since Euro 96! And what’s more: they’re going against their hate-loved rival Germany. A modern classic!

Thus far, England has been excelling with well-organized and tactfully played out matches against other European countries, and advanced themselves to the round of the last sixteen! Fans believe that England can once again bring football home with the advantage of playing on home soil.

England football fans and commentators believe that the Wembley factor can shoot England to glory at the Euros, and there are several other factors that may turn in their favor:

1 – They have Home Advantage

England has had the advantage to play all of their group stage games at Wembley and will stay there for a good amount of time in the upcoming tournament. It is their Playground, living room, and home stadium, so their fans will inevitably have their back and support them all the way!

The Football Association considers it to be a big benefit if the Three Lions could stay at Wembley as it will be a great help in training plans and staying at St George’s Park for as long as possible will cut down greatly on travel costs, also, according to FA chiefs, some teams must go through a great deal of travel across Europe and believes that home advantage gives teams a big edge during tournaments.

2 – They carry the spirit of 96

It’s coming home , It’s coming home , it’s coming, Football’s coming home. ” 

Alternatively titled: Three Lions(Footballs coming home) is a song that was released in May 1996 as a single co-written by Baddiel, Skinner, and the Lightning seeds to mark the England football team’s hosting of that year’s European Championships.

Today, the chants of these lyrics still fill arenas and living rooms by loyal fans as a symbol of hope and that in the face of the failures of the past, each tournament is greeted with fresh hopes that this might be the year they do it again!

England is home to a balanced team of star players, who are also team players, they do not rely on only one superstar such as Harry Kane, but they carry out a great team spirit.

3 – Efficiency in tactics, logistics, and carrying out a strong game plan

A well-organized game plan, , and logistics resulted in a practical and well-thought-through game against Croatia where the winning goal was a clear payoff of all of these aspects combined.

It was essential for England to carry out a strong opening game against Croatia during the Euro 2020 tournament a few days ago and this win is a good indication for them going forward in the tournament. 

With a long tournament ahead, they have effortlessly beaten strong teams solemnly based on strong team ethics and proper planning. 

It bodes well for them going into the finals stronger and fresher.

4 – Their Goal Keeper – Jordan Pickford is England’s no.1

Jordan Pickford

Pickford is considered to be the shot-stopper between the sticks and has been known to stay calm and stick to the game standards under grave pressure and not only is he a good club player, but he does exceptionally well as an international player too.

During the last 10 games, Pickford conceded only one goal, and zero goals during the current Euro2020 tournament, in conclusion, they only need one lucky shot per game.

5 – Their bench is quality and strong

Every team relies on a strong and quality bench, bench players are players that coaches need to be able to trust. And the three lions bench carries so much quality that England’s team doesn’t lose any power when it comes to substituting players. By using England’s top players such as Harry Kane, Marcus Rashford, and Raheem Sterling as an example it is a given that the bench team is strong, if not arguably stronger. As a football coach, it is important to choose and build a strong bench team to keep the team equally fresh and ready should a substitute be needed.

England will play against Germany for their last 16 clashes at 5 pm on the 29th of June. Should they beat Germany in the round of 16, they could face Wales in the quarteri-finals. It should get intense from here on so it would be good to keep a fine eye on this date.

England may have many advantages with playing on their home grounds, they have been pulling out all of the stops, and here’s to wish them the best of luck in the round of the last sixteen.