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5 Reasons Why Manchester United Receive So Much Hate From Rival Fans

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Manchester United have one of the biggest fan bases in the world of sports, however there is a considerable population that loves to the Red Devils. It’s in fact the most successful club in the Premier League era and has been known for its consistency over the years. Their success didn’t come quick or easy however, it was a gradual process in which they slowly took over from Liverpool as the top English club in the 1990s. United soon became one of most the loved clubs in the world and the signing of star players like Cristiano Ronaldo raised the club’s profile even further.

However on their way to glory, they seemed to have picked up a lot of hatred. Liverpool fans don’t like United, for the simple reason that they took over from them as the most successful club in England. while United has been consistently been winning silverware for the past twenty years, Liverpool have still to open their League title account in the new era of English Premier League. in 2000’s Arsenal were United’s main rivals, which led to Arsenal fans also hating them. Obviously we cant expect Manchester City fans to like their neighbors, the two Manchester club have had one of the fiercest rivalries in England and with the oil revolution taking place in the blue half, the animosity is just going to get intense. Here 5 reasons why opposition fans hate Manchester United.

Sir Alex Ferguson

The man has won everything there is to win in the country, the thirty-seven trophies he has won over the past thirty years has permanently cemented his place amongst the great coaches to have graced the beautiful. However there is considerable section of football fanatics who absolutely dislike Ferguson. The constant harassing of the referee and Fergie time were two of many reasons why opposition managers didn’t have much admiration for the team.


There have been many players who have graced the pitch at Old Trafford, who are loved by most. However there are players like Rooney, Eric Cantona and Ashley Young, who through their midnless antics have managed to create an ardent group of hater. Whether it was Eric Cantona’s kick on a Crystal Palace fan or Ashley Young’s constant diving, these moments of madness from these players only served to increase people’s hatred towards United.

Fall After SAF’s Exit

Every football fan cherishes the success of his team but what he enjoys even more is the drop in fortune of their rivals. People love seeing United suffer after the departure of Sir Alex Ferguson, after all it was he who took them to the top and kept them there for years. The fact that United are struggling for the past three years just goes to show what a good manager is capable off.


One of the main reasons for people hating United is that their team havn’t won anything close to the number of trophies the Red Devils have won in the past 20 years. They are the most successful club in England, hence fans across the world tend to resent United for their remarkable feats. United have achieved targets that their teams are still dreaming off.

The Fans

You will find Manchester United fans anywhere you go in the world, however some of these fans are glory hunters who choose to support the most successful team. They are often seen bragging about their teams achievement, which leads to a lot of hatred from the opposition teams fans. There is a considerable section of fans who genuinely support United and have done so for years but it’s these new found supporters who attach their name with glory, that has contributed towards making people hate the club.

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