5 Factors That Are Causing Arsenal to Downgrade Gradually

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While Arsenal used to be one of the most renowned teams back in the days, the club has now stepped down to the 15th spot. With their recent defeat against Burnley in the Premier League, it is not surprising that the team is in constant turmoil.

With Arsenal currently sitting at the 15th position in the Premier League rankings, there are quite a few factors that are likely influencing the growth and prosperity of the club at the moment. Before you buy jerseys here, look through the factors that are hindering the wins for this football club.

Lack of Discipline

As weird as it sounds, the lack of discipline is hands down one of the primary reasons behind the downgrade of this football club. From the deteriorating discipline among the players, there have also been signs of violence, which has further contributed to the deteriorating condition of the team. Just a few days back in a match, Granit Xhaka was found grabbing an opponent by their throat. Not just that, just in this Premier League, the club has received twice as many red cards as the other teams.

Home Discomforts

It is no surprise that the gunners are currently in one of their worst forms at the moment. With their latest defeat against Burnley, it marks the fourth consecutive loss for the team. This is the first time that has happened since 1959. And, that goes to show that the team is not comfortable with their stance and it is what could be contributing to the worsening condition of the team.

Lack of Crowd Enthusiasm

It doesn’t necessarily have to do with the form of the players in the team, it could be because of the lack of enthusiasm from the crowd. While there are not many spectators on the audience front, even the ones that are coming in are readily booing the team’s lack of enthusiasm. There is no rush of adrenaline in the audience, which could be contributing to the lack of results from the team. Just as things did start to look better, cameras reeled in to show sleeping spectators.

Frimpong’s Stance

With the consistently deteriorating performance of the team, it is not surprising at all that Emmanuel Frimpong, who is a player of Arsenal has commented his part about dissolving the team. He is a former player who has even decided and offered to come back and play as a midfielder in the team after 18 months of retiring to just keep the team afloat. No further comments have been made on this henceforth.

Bad tallies

With the lowest points secured, Arsenal currently has the worst points haul in the season. This has happened after decades after it happened almost 20-30 years back. For 12 matches in the season, the team has managed to score just 10 goals, a personal lowest since 1981-82.

With so many downsides coming down for Arsenal, it is not surprising that the team is currently at its worst at the moment. Nevertheless, the team is working day in and day out to make it out to the top again.

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