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 5 Different ways to watch sport and participate 

The Power of Sports

Watching sports can be something you do alone or with friends. For many, sports is personal, having followed a particular team throughout their lifetime. This is why finding the best platform to watch sports is so important; fortunately, there are many ways to do so today.

Whether you are using a or want to watch something on the big screen, we’ve made a list of 5 different ways you can watch sports.

5 Different Ways to Watch

1.       ESPN

If your passion is boxing, then ESPN is the platform for you. The espn.com website is owned by America’s largest media company – Disney Media Networks. ESPN specializes in live TV broadcasts and radio reporting for most major sporting events. It’s considered globally to be a ‘sports giant’ in terms of coverage, with sports enthusiasts loving its variety.

Boxing is the main sport that the broadcasts focus on. It is popular for showing fights between young boxers or those whose careers are coming to an end.

The ESPN+ option is also available for users who want to watch sports but also want TV package bundles like Hulu and Netflix, perfect for those with a family.

2.       UFC Fight Pass

If you love to get the gang together and watch UFC, you should consider the UFC Fight Pass. This is a pay-per-view offering that shows live UFC fights, different kinds of fight archives, as well as exclusive fighting content.

This service offering also shows all live fights in HD, allowing viewers to deepen their knowledge of mixed martial arts.

If you pay for a subscription, it gives you the chance not just to watch MMA fights but also kickboxing, boxing, jiu-jitsu and muay thai tournaments as well. You can also access many different tournament types, including Glory, Roy Jones Jr, Titan FC, and much more.

3.       SportsHotstar

SportsHotstar isn’t just great for streaming sports, but you also have the option to stream the best and latest movies and TV shows too. It’s an app that allows you access sports, sports news, and many live broadcasts. Coming from India, it is a streaming service with over 100,000 hours of movies and dramas in various languages, making it accessible in any country.

Existing since 2015, it is one of India’s most downloaded apps, having over 350 million subscribers due to the video technology and high-quality interactions across different devices and platforms in general. If you haven’t heard of it, get to know it!

4.       FuboTV

FuboTV is another option that you can use to opt-out of regular cable TV, but it offers more sporting events packages than any other competitor streaming service. Plus, it offers even more through different add-ons, making it a great platform to watch sports and participate.

It is the first TV streaming outlet to offer 4k Ultra HD and HDR viewing. It is the home for streaming football, but it has a lot more sports coverage today. It has a variety of channels on its lineup, meaning that it serves sporting fans of all types, regardless of interests and age.

5.       BBC Sport

BBC Sports is the sporting division of the famous British Broadcasting Company. It has its own independent division devoted to sports, which has existed since 2000. It isn’t just loyal to sports in the United Kingdom but shows sports from across the globe.

Some of the most popular and well-known programs it shows are Match of the Day, dedicated to the English Premier League football, Ski Sunday, Rugby Specials, Test Match Special, Formula 1, MotoGP, and complete coverage of Wimbledon tournaments too. 

As mentioned before, you can watch Premier League matches on BBC Sport. The Match of the Day program reviews that day’s games, usually airing late on a Saturday night.

Match of the Day 2 is the review of Sunday’s games. Reviews of other football league matches are shown on a program called The Football League Show, which comes on straight after Match of the Day.

On Saturday mornings, you can tune into Football Focus to learn about upcoming matches across the weekend. It is the perfect blend of many different sports in one place.